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傳燈 Passing the Torch

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This is one of my favorite songs, often performed by the Chinese Orchestra in my undergrad university.

I did not realize that this is a Buddhist song, but I love the tune so much. The passing of torch is applicable in every endeavour of human life, from learning to surviving. Even to love needs courage and mercy.

Everyone is a bodhisattva
Everyone comes to this world from a saintly birthplace
Every heart is merciful and beneficent,
Using holy and pure Buddha light to ignite the heart light
為了眾生上法航 勤勤理宣講
For the sake of sentient beings to climb aboard the dharma boat,
Diligently explaining the truth.
為了大道傳十方 捨身去開荒
For the sake of propagating the Great Dao to all corners of the world,
Give ones life to pioneering Dao.
Everyone has the utmost power.
Every heart has unbounded prospect.
Sentient beings lives are touched and all smell sweet.
Passing the torch of the Great Dao that shines across centuries and generations.

URL: []
A picture in that URL, of snow mountain, reminded me on a beautiful moment in Colorado.

Love this very much: 每一個人有極大力量, 每一顆心有無限展望

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June 22, 2009 at 1:30 am

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Has anyone donated to your blog? If yes, please share your story

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Since the spring 2013,
I started putting a link to donate to me at the end of my post.

Until the early summer 2013,
nobody has visited my donation page.

I don’t want to bombard my dearest readers with ads or affiliate links,
so asking for donation is an option for me.
I believe that if I bring values to others,
the financial reward will come naturally.

Marian Schembari wrote that although she wanted to donate for some blogs that she like,
she has actually never done it.
Donating is like giving tips.

Although nobody has donated to me,
I aspire to write and share my best knowledge and wisdom.
I will never give up.

Now, I am learning from the following people:
@~@ Darren Rowse shared that for getting willing donations, a blog must have (i) a very large readership (ii) a very loyal readership (iii) no other forms of income because they result in a perception that the blog was already making money
@~@ Jimmy Moore, of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb, who makes a couple hundred bucks per month from donations.
@~@ Jason Kottke of : He created supporter list for 2005, which he also called his micropatrons.

What will I do?

(A) I will write a free e-books for my dearest readers.
Is there any particular topic that you want me to write about?
I would love to hear from you!

(B) When someone donates to me (in the near future),
I will thank you!
You are my supporters!
I am a grateful person.
I give without expecting gratitude from others,
but when others give to me,
I always try my best to express my gratitude.

Blueroselady, がんばる!
Blueroselady, 加油!
Blueroselady, 传灯!

Written by blueroselady

June 16, 2013 at 6:43 am