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Movie: Dear Enemy (2011)

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Thanks to a good friend, I recently watched a movie about investment bankers, who are involved in a M&A of Lithium mining companies. The movie was played by Xu Jinglei and Stanley Huang. I have also watched the movie Go Lala Go! (2010), played by both of them. I love both movies, perhaps simply because they are romantic comedy film, a genre of movie that I favor.

What I love about the movie is that the plots bring the audience from HongKong to London, South Africa, Chengdu, and Australia. Yes, I love travelling (the beautiful sceneries and people)!

It seems to me that modern Chinese people regard careers such as investment banking highly.

When I was a student in UK, I sometimes attend career talks, some of them are hosted by investment banks. They only want the brightest of the brightest, and while it is prestigious to work as an investment bank, it comes with long hours and high level of stress, according to some insiders.

While a friend of mine is so passionate in becoming a quant (quantitative analyst), and keeps on asking me to practice together, I find myself value peace / tranquility and creativity much more than competitiveness and results (unlike the teens me).

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November 18, 2013 at 2:54 pm

7 Inspirations from the movie "The Grandmaster" by Wong Kar Wai

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A mentor of mine AC shared with me that he obtained a lot of visual inspirations from the movies directed by Wong Kar Wai / 王家卫.
Since then, I have started to study movies directed by the talented director.
In the spring 2013, I watched a movie entitled The Grandmaster 《一代宗師》 about Yip Man / Ip Man / 葉問 / 叶问 by Wong Kar Wai,
which was three years in the making and more than 10 years in gestation.

Yip Man was a Chinese martial artist practising Wing Chun style / 咏春拳 who have taught Bruce Lee.
The Grandmaster is an integration of artistic and kungfu movie.
I refer to this approach as an innovation,
in which the movie viewers are not only showered with fast and furious fighting actions but also the relatively s…l…o…w melancholy musings, philosophy and aesthetics,
which make this movie unique.

Herein, I share inspirations (not a movie review) that I acquire from watching the movie.

1. I find the style name of 咏春 (that sounds like forever spring) meaningful, because many people desire their lives will be youthful forever like spring, but winter is also part of our life journeys.
If life has four seasons, it’s spring to me before 40. But it then just turned straight to winter.

Instead of yearning for the past time, let us be present and cherish the four seasons of our lives!

2. The martial arts arena (江湖) are the fights of survival and striving to be the top among the martial artists,
those with the highest quality of kungfu skills tend to win, but those with wits also win.
Confucius mentions that wisdom is more important than speed, through the story in which the tortoise wins over a fast-running animal.
Today, in everyday lives of many people, we are still fighting like those martial artists,
people fight with their relevant / specialized skills (in offices / corporations, hospitals, institutions, schools, markets, etc).
All these arena are indeed highly similar, there are honor and rules of conduct to follow and abide by;
and as long as one continues to constantly learning to enhance his / her skills and enlarge his / her wisdom,
s/he will do well.

3. Super fine attention to details, a commitment to one’s career / project.
The reflections of water on the street with a moving shadow.
The thundering rain, the splashing water, the drops of water / blood.
The swirling smoke, the macro visual of dried tobacco leaves wrapped inside the cigarette stick.
The beautiful pristine white snow effects that can make audience feels the bone chilling coldness.
The splintering glass at s…l….o…w motion.
Frames and frames: e.g. the snow covered tree on both sides of the wooden residency of the Gong Grandmaster.
I put my hat off to Wong’s attentiveness to color palettes and the talent of the French cinematographer Phillipe Le Sourd.
After all, a movie is a collection of pictures that move, that’s why movie is also known as moving picture;
and the men behind The Grandmaster seem to make every picture beautiful at super fine level.
4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I always love the classic make-up of the 1930s.
The women (referring to the courtesans in cheongsam / qipao 旗袍 in the movie) have curly hair which is time-consuming to maintain in today age, but the effect is glamorously stylish.
They also have thin line eyebrows that are bending like the crescent moon.
I would refer to such a fashionable look of that era as the Ruan Lingyu’s look.
However, some people comment to me that the thin line eyebrows make them look vulnerable and pitiful.
The women express through all their bodies the sorrow, pain, grief provoked by life.
They also imply some mysteries and desires that entice people, including me a modern woman of the 21st century!
Perhaps, women with doe eyes and tiny faces are the most suitable to adopt the Ruan Lingyu’s look, from the perspective of style.

5. The themes of love, loss and the passage of time are prevalent in Wong Kar Wai’s movies, including The Grandmaster.
Even heroes and heroines are not spared from the human experiences of aging, falling ill, and death;
they are often emerging as heroes and heroines due to the tragic of human experiences such as natural disasters, wars, and death of loved ones.
No matter what happen, we want to cherish our love now,
before we loss some people who are truly dearest to us.

6. While we love many things (including people who are dearest to us), we must practice the art of detachment.
To quote Bruce Lee, "My instructor, Professor Yip Man, head of the wing chun school, would come up to me and say: Let your mind, the basic reality, do the counter-movement without any interfering deliberation. Above all, learn the art of detachment."
I will share about how to love and detach in harmonious ways in the near future.

7. Have you ever wondered why artistic movies often have sad endings?
In the movie, Yip Man’s wife died without seeing him after he moved to HK and Gong Er (inspired by female legend, Shi Jianqiao) could only keep Yip Man in her heart since Yip Man is a married man and Gong has vowed not to marry ( 獨行道) for the sake of revenging for the death of his father.
The tragic of life has appeal to the viewers,
that is why movies, especially artistic movies, explore themes such a ‘tragic fate’ persona.
but we can also create our own real movie that has a happy ending,
let us be a master director of our ‘fate’.


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April 22, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Movie: Hugo (2011)

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March 2012

We watched this movie with my lover, sister, and a cousin. Each tic costs only USD 5.5! One of my happiest days in spring 2012.

No planning.

We just arrived at the cinema and decided what to watch.

Perhaps due to the lack of choice, we decided on this 3D movie, which I found lovely and purposeful!

“I like to imagine that the world is one big machine. You know, machines never have any extra parts. They have the exact number and types of parts they need. So I figure if the entire world is a big machine, I have to be here for some reason, too”

“Maybe that’s why a broken machine always makes me a little sad, because it isn’t able to do what it was meant to do…Maybe it’s the same with people,” Hugo continued. “If you lose your purpose…it’s like your broken.”

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March 1, 2013 at 7:43 am

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Movie: First Love / A Little Thing Called Love (2010)

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One of my favorite weekend activities is to watch movies together. I am so grateful for this wonderful time for bonding and loving. This weekend, we watched a Thai romantic comedy with the setting of school days. They said your school days are the sweetest, especially if you are working hard day and night in your adult life. To me, my school days were quite simple so I rely on these romantic movies to satisfy my desire of romance. No longer a school girl, I am grateful that I have a man who loves me and hugs me dearly every night (if he is not overseas). I count myself lucky!

About the movie:
Nam is an ordinary looking girl, her younger sister teased her ugly because Nam looks like Dad whereas her sister looks like their beautiful Mom. They help their Mom to run a guest house, an idea that I really love to explore in the future. I could relate to Nam because I look like Dad more when I was a little girl (and suffered cruel words by relatives), but I grew up into a feminine woman. Those words are no longer my concerns.

I love how the ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan within 3 years.
From getting her skin lightened (through rubbing by her friends, applying masks), ditching her spectacles, tidying her teeth through braces, to playing Snow White, majorette, and securing the first position in the final exam, Nam is really inspiring transform.
To our amazement, it is the same actress who plays both ugly duckling and beautiful swan.

My man told me that the power of make-up is beyond his grasp, yet I want to tell you that every girl and woman is uniquely beautiful, just that some men lack the talent to see their beauty.

A good friend KS told me that the ordinary looking people in the movie reminds him on his school days. Even if others think that you do not look as good as the prom queen, you have the rights to fall in love with the cutest boy in the school.

One of the three young friends of Nam looks like the female version of a good friend TL whom I saw almost daily while living in California.

Honestly, when we visit Thailand, we do not see many locals like Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. I think Thai people love fair skin local girls, because they are rare in Thailand. People love rare things.

There is a scene of this movie that made me cry, when Nam went to tell Shone at the swimming pool that she has loved him for the past three years. She intends to give him a white rose, and when he just received it, she saw a writing on Shone shirt that Shone belongs to Pin (Nam’s senior), they became a couple just a week earlier. Nam was too sad, she managed only to utter "you both are very matching", and fell into the pool.

My man was trying to console me, unlike Taiwanese movies which tend to be arty-farty and have sad endings, Thai movies tend to have heart-warming endings. Indeed, this movie allowed me to sleep in warm as compared to You Are the Apple of My Eye that makes me sad.

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July 15, 2012 at 8:13 am

Movie: You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年, 我們一起追的女孩)

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While I was in the public transport in Taiwan (autumn 2011) I saw the ads for this movie and immediately wanted to watch this movie. My wish is granted thanks to my lover!

Being mischievous and after caught masturbating in class, Ko Ching-Teng 柯景騰 (the male lead) was ordered by their teacher to sit in front of a good student Shen Jia-Yi (the female lead) so that she can keep him in check.

Shen loves to poke Ke’s back to pressure him to study hard.

Their love relationship develops.

Perhaps, both of them are so contrasting in characters.

In 10 years time (while you were in high school), you may not need the knowledge of log.  Then why are you still learning hard?

人生很多事情都是徒劳无功的. Many things in life are futile.

My lover loves this movie a lot.  We watched this movie together while waiting for a flight, that was his 2nd time watching it.

Why does he particularly like this movie?

1. He liked to read manga, did not put much effort into studies until last minutes, and hung out a lot with friends.

2. He is sometimes as childish as the main male character.

3. This movie can bring back your memory.

This movie attracts those born between mid 70s to mid 80s, because they can relate to the movie.

This movie brings back the beautiful memory of puppy love.

4. He fell in love with a girl who is like Shen, a hardworking girl with a track record of academic excellence. Unlike Ko’s, I think my lover has a happier ending.

Why did Shen do not end up with Ko?

Perhaps Ko is too childish.

The things that you like about a potential boyfriend can be the things that you hate most of your husband.

Why did Shen fall for Ko?

Opposite attracts.

As Shen grew up, she decided that a mature man may be a better husband.

Girls, have you ever been attracted to nerdy hardworking boys?

There are some things about bad boys that attract you, do you agree?

A bad boy that helped you, you like him!

Perhaps when Ko lent his book so that Shen will not be punished is the turning point. Shen fell for Ko.

What is the take home message for me?

It is important to continuously encourage your bad boy.

You will never know what he may end up to be, a writer, a movie maker that eternalize your love story (irregardless it has a happy ending).

For example, every day, Ko reads and collects large amounts of materials and keeps writing 5000 words.

He is a productive writer, publishing at the rate of one book per month in 14 consecutive months.

If Ko can do it, so can I !

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March 12, 2012 at 9:02 am

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minimize watching sad / horror / violent movies

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It is OK to watch movies as a form of entertainment or education.
It is not OK to be too involved while watching movies.
I love to watch movies. Life is like movie, movie is like life.

Before you watched a sad movie, you were happy or in an equilibrium state (neither happy nor sad). After you watched a sad movie, you might absorb negativity (worries and sorrows) of the story, the characters, and all these are not good for you.

Absorbing too much from horror movies are not good for your heart. They incept in your minds things for you to be fear of. Fear creates fear, quoting Elizabeth I. Even a priest told us that he decided not to watch horror movies because he stayed in haunted places, instead he focused on praying.

Violent movies can be classified according to the violence. Physical and mental violence. Physically violent movies contain a lot of scenes where some characters are bullied / tortured physically. People are potential to be more violent after watching fighting movies. Some even go to find problems with others who share similarities (in backgrounds) with the villains portrayed in the movies. Similarly, movies full of quarrels / arguments may inflict mental violence. Words can be swords.

Well, a sword itself is merely an object.

A sword that is used to cut tree is a good sword.
A sword that is used to injure others is a bad sword.

For your own goodness, please minimize watching sad / horror / violent / conflict movies

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January 4, 2012 at 2:20 pm

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Movies watched in winter Jan 2011

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On the flights, I managed to watch these 4 movies (partially or completely):
Eat, Pray, Love
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Love in Disguise (戀愛通告)
Cyrano Agency
I am grateful for the experience because I seldom have time to watch movies due to busy schedule.

Some reflections:
Eat, Pray, Love
I learned about it when a roommate of mine was reading the novel by Elizabeth Gilbert which is about a woman’s search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia. Notice the 3 countries’ name begin with I. (I, I, I).
In the travels, the main characters discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by EATING in Italy; the power of PRAYER in India, and, finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of TRUE LOVE in Bali.
Personally, I have neutral feeling towards the story.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
, also known as Wall Street 2
Jacob “Jake” Moore, an ambitious, young proprietary trader, reminds me on a Gates’ scholar I know.
Working in finance seems to offer bigger hope in our incomes, but the risk and stress are also high.
Give me a number? More. Please do not fall into this trap.
Ideally, we should set a target and once we reach the target, we could pursue other dreams.

Love in Disguise

Like the very long hair of Liu Yifei, like the ancient Chinese beauties.

Cyrano Agency
Sang Yong’s proposal at the beach, by giving a large shell with a diamond ring inside is romantic.

Movies to see:
The founding of a republic
The founding of a party (to mark the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China)
The Grandmasters (Wong Kar Wai’s biopic of Wing Chun teacher Yip Man, starring Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi)
Dans la Lumiere (about Aung San Suu Kyi, directed by Luc Besson).

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January 22, 2011 at 2:49 pm

A Hollywood action movie script by me

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Last night (April 9, 2009) I had a dream that can compete for Hollywood action movie script. I am the male lead role, and there is another female lead role (let say her initial is R as I remembered she wear red gown). There was a death of somebody, we could not stay silent. Therefore, R and I went to seek the boss, to seek justice in a peaceful manner. There were so many people looking at us, how on earth we could be so brave.

Next scene is R and I was laying on beds (it’s not comfortable bed, more like hospital emergency beds, very narrow). We were chatting, then I heard noise. The boss sent k-people to terminate us. I told R to climb out of window after the k-people entering our building. We were about 3 or 4-storeys above ground. They knew our room, so they rushed in to find out our empty beds. Too bad I did not hide well, when the k-people open the window, they saw my head. So I got to jump into another window and ran. I was in the lower floor, there were big offices. I tried to find unlock rooms, then finally I saw some plants in a big office, tried to camouflage myself. The k-people did not see me, until one of them with super long zoom camera spotted me. I started running again, there were gunshots. I found a male toilet, with a guy shooting a rabbit inside. I requested him to lend his shoulder, so that I could climb up to a space about the toilet (it’s like a store room for cleaning products). I told the guy to lie to k-people, they guy did what I said until the k-people walked away yet saying they would pay him if he got information.! That’s the time my hiding revealed. I got to run again … I could not remember what happened next. R was safe, sleeping with one of a nurse friend, worrying about me.

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April 9, 2009 at 9:27 am

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Happiness exercise: write a short introduction about yourself

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In a series of happiness exercises, I brainstorm novel and creative ideas of doings that can boost up our happiness. Today exercise is simple: write a short introduction about yourself. You can memorize it to remind yourself when you experience negative emotions, to make new friends and build new relationships, or simply to make an elevator pitch.

Here is a brief introduction about myself.

I am an ordinary woman with a BIG dream to give extraordinary service to others.

My love include life, family, stories and writing. I dream of writing a book that is enlisted in The New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers.

Everyday, I give my best to live and learn so that I can share useful tips about education and entrepreneurship / business,
that are thoughtful, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind.

I am also interested in people, travel, food (especially Asian food and Italian desserts), visual arts, movies and creative ideas.

Counting my blessings, I am grateful for being a mother, lifelong student, storyteller, researcher and marketer; and having good health and more wealth than the yesterday-me.

Thank you very much for being interested in me!

Please keep in touch and feel free to comment.

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October 11, 2013 at 6:23 am

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Details matter

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Details matter as they affect perceptions and hence emotions.
Best marketers, directors, writers, innovators, scientists pay attention to details as a form of commitment to their endeavors. For example, the movie The Grandmaster by Wong Kar Wai.

Here are 2 simple examples to illustrate the point.

1. I attended a talk to introduce a high tech small company and the technology sounds sophisticated and convincing (to me in spite of the soft spoken speaker), until I saw a typo in the reference. While I am forgiving and aiming to minimize perfectionism, I recall a warning from my structural thinking class. Consultants are rigorously trained to polish their presentation slides to the level of perfection. A single mistake in the slide means game over. An overlook of details can cause consultants to lose the trust and confidence of their clients; they simply lose their clients. Lesson: For things that matter, always double check, triple check.

2. I was excited to use a 3-color pen with a brand of Lonza on it (instead of having to carry 3 pens, I only need 1), that I received while attending a Lonza-sponsored event. But, the fact that it runs out of ink in less than 3 usage, was disappointing. I know that the pen is not manufactured by Lonza, but outsourced.
I do not mean to be ungrateful here, but this tiny experience makes me think that if I am playing a role of giver, I will ensure quality control (QC) of my gifts, particularly if the gifts are parts of marketing plan.
Giving can be a double sword, especially if the gifts are of sub-quality. Receivers of bad gifts will shift their perceptions of the givers from positive to negative.
Receivers may think that "Perhaps it is not only the gifts are lousy, but the products are lousy too!"
Receivers will also doubt the sincerity of the company / giver / (service) provider.
Lesson: Ensure QC of gifts. If I cannot ensure QC, I will just give smiles. Free but sincere.

Final remark:
If you need a team player who is attentive to details, consider having a completer finisher in your team.

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October 9, 2013 at 4:45 am

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