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How to remove petrol / gasoline from clothes?

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It was the second Friday night in November (the year our first baby was born).

We got a visitor from England and went for a sumptuous dinner.
In a rush to bring our visitor to the airport,
I just quickly placed my backpack at the trunk of taxi.
Actually, I saw a white container but did not think much of what it is.
Alas, my bag was stained with the heavy smell of petrol!

Fortunately, I have spare bag to bring for a wedding the next noon.

Here are my attempts to remove the petrol smell (though I could not find where the stain is):
Baking soda
Keep on washing with detergent for multiple times, drying with wind and sun, re-washing.

# Next time check if the trunk is clean.
# It is safer to just bring your bag with you instead of putting at the trunk. A fellow traveler of mine put his wallet in his bag in the trunk. I would not advise doing so, what if the taxi driver just drives away.

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December 4, 2013 at 5:07 am

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