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Soft spot on baby's head

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You will notice that the spot pulses in time with your baby’s heartbeat (like a mini-rhythm section) or bulges out a bit when your little one strains to poop.

Your baby’s soft spot is actually two spots called fontanels — one toward the front of that sweet little head; another smaller one toward the back — and they’re gaps between the bones of your baby’s skull.
After a baby’s born, they stay open to accommodate your baby’s growing brain.

The fontanels are well protected by a sturdy membrane. So go ahead — it’s okay to touch them (gently of course).

Eventually, the bones in your baby’s skull will build up enough minerals to completely fuse together and those gaps will close.

The back fontanel will close first — typically when a baby is between two to four months old.

The front fontanel stays open well into your baby’s second year (to give that amazing brain the space it needs to grow), though by the time your little one turns 19 months old even that fontanel should be closed.
This soft spot may close as early as nine months of age or as late as two years. The average is between 12 to 14 months.

Normally, a baby’s soft spot is firm and curves in just slightly.

But call your doctor right away if you notice these two (rare) signs of trouble:

1. A fontanel that is dramatically caved in.
This is a sign of dehydration.

2. A bulging fontanel.
This can be a sign of head trauma, an infection in the brain, or a buildup of fluid around the brain — especially if your baby has a fever and is excessively sleepy.
But don’t panic if the fontanel just pooches out a bit when your baby cries or vomits — if the fontanel goes back to normal when your baby is sitting up and calm, then all is well.

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