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How to prevent the arrival of premature baby? progesterone

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I wrote this post few months ago.

In the 34th week, I experienced pain while walking and went to ob-gyn to do check-up.
My condition has 50% risk of delivering premature baby.
In the 35th week, I was prescribed progesterone which made me so drowsy.
I remembered how I dropped the pen I was holding half-an-hour after taking progesterone.
Then I did not feel my baby moving too, perhaps he suffered from the drowsiness as well?
As a rule of thumb, if I feel 5 baby’s movements every 2 hours, it should be ok. My ob-gyn has more lenient rule, at least 12 baby’s movements per day.

Though progesterone caused my drowsiness, progesterone helps to prevent premature baby, so it is ok to endure the short term discomfort.
The financial cost of having premature baby is large, amounting to ~$1,000 per day of hospitalization until the baby is mature.

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May 1, 2013 at 7:14 am

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