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Have you taken a Belbin team role test?

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Belbin Team Roles are looking at BEHAVIOR and NOT PERSONALITY.

Your accompanying report is only valid for the team you are in at the moment.

When you are in a different team you may need to adjust your roles accordingly.

It is, of course, dependent upon who else is in the team and what the team is trying to achieve.

A team mate (in my team S*) took the test and found out that he is a PLANT.
See here to know what a PLANT should and should not do. His secondary role is being a specialist.

How to understand a plant?
creative innovator.
new ideas & approaches.
thrive on praise.
criticism is esp hard.
naturally forthright.
introvert tendency.
can be a founder-manager / originator of new products / services.
Where there is a problem, there is a solution.
Without continuous innovation, there is no survival.

For a plant,
Come up with ideas and suggestions for solving problems and working out solutions.
Invent a new way of tackling the issues in hand. Create an original piece of work.
Look at things from a different angle.
Do not evaluate your own ideas.
Do not have strong ownership of your own ideas when co-operation with others would yield better results.

I think I am a combination of a PLANT, SHAPER, & COMPLETER FINISHER.
Each cannot entirely describe me.
Perhaps, I fall in the intersection of the 3 areas of plant, shaper, completer-finisher in a Venn diagram.

How to understand a shaper?
challenge the team to improve / advance / progress.
extrovert tendency.
questions norms.
see obstacles as challenges.
fearless with people.
fearless on taking unpopular decision.
challenges / argues / disagrees.
easily frustrated.
quick to explore all possibilities.
winning is the name of the game; learning is secondary objective.
Just do it!
potentially a disruptive force in well-established team.
a team cannot contains 2 shapers due to power struggle.
good manager, especially in team where politics may slow things down.

For a shaper,
Get things moving.
Stop complacency and laziness.
Be honest, straightforward and open with others. Make sure the team is achieving goals.
Push things forward.
Do not hold grudges, become overbearing.
Do not lose your sense of humour when the going gets tough.

How to understand a completer-finisher?
see that projects are completed thoroughly.
ensure no errors / omissions.
pay attention to details.
conscious with deadlines.
hard & effective worker.
high in self-control.
high self-discipline.
introvert tendency.
often seen as unflappable & calm despite their internal anxiety.
dislike wasting time & will manage team time to get results.
prefers steady effort & consistency.
reluctant to undertake a new task as they cannot complete the current ones.
checks, tests, reconfirms prior to going public.
holds things back until 100% correct.

For a completer finisher,
Try to raise standards in all you do.
Concern yourself with detail.
Use your ability to help other members of the team who may not be so strong on accuracy. Promote excellence.
Try to delegate.
Do not allow perfectionism to turn into obsessive behaviour.
Do not penny pinch or split hairs on trivial issues.
Do not over worry.

Then, I asked a team mate in my team B to take the test and
told me the most applicable statements of her.
Here are her sharing, and I hope that I can understand her better.

1.0 I think I can quickly see and take advantage of new opportunities.
1.3 I can think laterally to solve problems
1.4 I am good at identifying and using the potential in fellow team members.
1.6 I am enthusiastic about applying my training and expertise.
1.8 I ensure that my work is delivered on time.

2.4 I am inclined to underestimate the importance of my own contributions.
2.9 I am concerned to make sure things are done correctly, which can introduce delays.

3.2 I will press for action and drive the team towards its objectives.
3.3 I come up with unexplored ideas for the team to develop.
3.5 I look for chances to gain personal fulfilment from the work.
3.7 I am keen to learn as much as I can and apply what I have learned.
3.9 I will use structure and organisation to achieve productivity.

4.4 I focus on finding the best method for working effectively.
4.5 I think of imaginative solutions which haven’t occurred to others.
4.8 I maintain my self belief, regardless of what others are doing.

5.2 I am discreet and sensitive when handling difficult situations.
5.4 I am most interested when encountering new people and possibilities.
5.5 I make projects more manageable by working to clarify priorities.
5.7 I relish the opportunity to take an unconventional approach to problems.

6.4 I can identify and promote talent within the team.
7.2 I am so concerned to get things right that I can struggle to meet deadlines.
8.9 I can see the potential in new ideas and how to make the most of them.

Well, understanding her & her behaviors (which can be both strength or weakness) is crucial because I must work a lot with her.

*see my note after the end.

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