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Breastfeeding is the new trend but not entirely free

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When I was visiting Copenhagen,
the capital of Denmark,
I was inspired by how a mother breastfed her baby publicly.

If I were to do it in Singapore,
people will probably stare at me.

I only go to shopping center with nursing room(s).
I endure swelling of breast if I have to go some places without nursing room(s).
Yes, lactating mothers can use a cloth cover,
but I dislike the potential reduced oxygen for my baby.

According to
breastfeeding has increased from 54% – 75% in the last 5 years.

The article mentions that breast milk is FREE.
In my humble opinion,
breast milk is not entirely free.
To provide babies with rich nutrients and antibodies
(in order to protect babies from illnesses like diarrhoea,
lower respiratory infections,
ear infections),
lactating mothers have to eat well.

Lactating mothers may be depleted of calcium if they do not have sufficient intake of calcium from e.g. milk.
To be safe, we can take calcium supplement.

Lactating mothers must also eat a balanced diet.

Diverse food (e.g. Chinese, Indian, Malay, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean food) so babies will grow up liking the worldwide food.

What if breast milk is not enough?
Do not feel bad about supplementing breast milk with formula.

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Written by blueroselady

March 18, 2013 at 1:22 pm

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