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"Sorry" : how different people perceive it differently

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Story 1:
Having lived in England, I am somehow influenced by their highly polite nature.
For a small mistake / unintentional little offense, the English will say "I am very sorry".
Note the use of "very".
I was impressed by their high level of politeness.
The English (the people in my workplace, my school, my church) appears to be highly civilized,
of course there are also 小混混,
on the street,
I encountered once, the 小混混 who spit on me.
The encounter made me extra careful,
to avoid some area.
Eventually, I enjoyed happy life,
and collected one of the most beautiful memories of my life,
while I was in England.

After I left England, I realize that some of the English who said "I am very sorry", might not mean it so much, it has been their habit to say such a too 客气话. But, I really appreciate their kindness (see, this is an example that I have been influenced by the English).

Story 2:
SM does not like to hear anyone says sorry for a simple mistake / error.
She feels that the word sorry is reserved for a big mistake.
She also thinks that people who say the word sorry too easily, when they say sorry, they do not sincerely mean that they regret what they did.

Messages of the stories:
1. Awareness of different meaning of words to different people, is important.
2. Use words wisely (adapt our choice of words for different people).

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March 11, 2013 at 3:06 pm

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