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How to sleep? 16 simple ways

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Before sleeping :
# Do not watch TV.
# Do not watch / read / listen to news.
# Do not read exciting books.
# Do not do vigorous activity.
# Do not eat late at night.
# Do not drink coffee / tea.
# Meditate / gentle qigong (气功)
# massage feet.
#. relaxation. Rhythmical, slow, moderate, continuous movement are relaxing.
# wash feet in warm water.

# Have a routine.
# Pray.
# Read calming reading materials.
# Listen to peaceful / soothing music.
# Look at the dark sky (if possible; nowadays, our living environment is over cluttered with lights).
# Practice the art of detachment.

In a nutshell:
you want to relax your mind.
You do not want to be too excited / nervous / overstimulated.
# 77 ways to improve your well beings by Angela Hicks.
# SM who kindly brought the newspaper article for me in March 2013.

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