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How to prevent the arrival of premature baby?

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1. No sex.
2. Do not wash vagina with chemicals.
3. No caffeine. No ginseng, red date tea, barley tea, danggui as they constrict womb. If possible, no chocolate.
4. Do not sit or stand for too long. Although walking helps delivery, if you have high risks of premature delivery, do not walk too much.
5. Keep track of baby motion. What is the number of times your baby should be moving daily between breakfast & dinner in your 3rd trimester? 10.
6. Reduce stress.
7. Be safe. Protect yourself from collision. Be careful of reckless drivers, cyclists, roller-bladders / skateboarders, children playing football at non-designated areas.
8. progesterone.

Mom Baby / Mama Baobei magazine (2012Jan) p101.
Mother&baby 2012Jun p18.


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