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How do you define success?

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Our definitions matter.
I used to form my definition based on what I read from the media, what I heard from my teachers / friends.
Now, I have my own definitions, unshakable by transient things that I experience (see, hear).

Here are examples of how different people define success.

"Success is when I have cash, credit cards, condominium, cars, club memberships, career."
Blueroselady’s comment: Though this definition sounds materialistic, money is important things to have. On its own, money is neutral, but no money also means no honey (no enablers / enhancers for happiness). Think about how we perceive money.

"I am successful when others start feeling jealous of what I achieve."
Blueroselady’s comment:
We must be humble to prevent others from getting jealous towards us.
We must learn to be free from envy / jealousy.

"Success is when I attain my goals, or else I am a failure."
1. An occassional loss does not make one a loser. To quote the British politician Winston Churchill, "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."
2. There is no failure, only feedback (that our strategies have not worked). We must change our strategies, be flexible.

"Success is when I have attempted to succeed, irrespective of whether I achieve my goals or not."
Blueroselady: People who hold this belief are indeed the support of the society, they are COURAGEOUS to try regardless of the risks.

According to Seth Godin, success means that one is becoming an indispensable LINCHPIN, instead of a dispensable employee who is easily outsourced, downsized, or freelanced into obscurity. Remember that corporations (and other entities e.g. countries that work like corporations) will not take care of you for a lifetime. Start to take care of yourself now. Be self-sustainable.

"Success is when I learn something even from my failures."
1. never stop learning. This is one of the strategies to be a linchpin.
2. failure should not be promoted, but we accept it as a part of life that enables us to grow and develop into a better human being. For example, 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail, we know this statistic (from Morten Lund, an investor of Skype), but we should not encourage ourselves to be one of the 7 who fail.

"Success is when I fail to achieve my goals and yet continue to live life with the same zest and zeal."

"Success is when I leave this world with satisfaction that I have lived my life, irrespective of my failure to achieve any prestigious post in the society."

How do you define success?

How to achieve inner strength?
How do you perceive money and wealth?

Written by blueroselady

November 3, 2012 at 10:06 am

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  1. Great post. Far too many people consider success only in materialistic terms. For me success is finding any way I can to make my sons life easier and fairer. In a world that wantonly discriminates against those with cognitive disabilities, any step forward is a success no matter how small. Thank you for such a great post.


    November 3, 2012 at 10:37 am

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