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How to be our own boss?

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Tips from Pearlin who has interviewed bosses in Singapore:
identify what really works in business by learning from the best experts in the world.
research thoroughly.
systematically study and retain what you learn.
absorb, ponder, analyze, review what you learn.
take risks.
take actions.

Most people have no idea of what they really want.
Have a clear goal (CLARITY).
Be specific about exactly how much more money we want to earn in a specific period of time.

Choose our customers / clients.
Look for cues that people give us that they are better, people who are worth more, buzz more, care more, buy more.
Embrace them.

Never give up when the banks say no.
We can find an amateur investor (a wealthy doctor, a retired executive) and raise money to bring our idea to market.
Tell a story that investors want to hear, with supporting cash flow scenario.

VOIP phone lines are cheaper than landlines / cellphone services (for sales calls, customer service, teleconferences).
Save time = save money.

Do not use social media platform as a way to shove our marketing messages about our brand down people’s throats.
Instead of direct selling, help, share, engage people in your social media.

Remember that we are always offering VALUE and educating clients so that they know choosing our service is the right decision.

Advice from Jim Rohn, authors of books like The Art of Exceptional Living:
work harder on ourselves than we do on our job.
attend personal development seminars.
read self-help books.
listen to audio programs to improve ourselves.

Do not follow the Rat Race-to-Riches formula.


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September 28, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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