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Confinement meal

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Confinement meal delivery usually comes with 2 dishes and 1 soup.

Here are some dishes that I think I will need to eat:
@~@ green papaya fish soup: to enrich milk glands
@~@ black chicken herbal soup
@~@ SOUPS with pork rib
@~@ FISH

Here are some dishes that I think I will like:
@~@ SOUPS. In one of my challenging years overseas, I treated myself once in a while after exhausting 7 days work by having double boiled soups, so I always love nutritious Chinese soups.
@~@ any VEGETABLES stir fried with SESAME OIL plus shredded MUSHROOM / minced meat / silver anchovies (I am not sure how I will like the additional shredded ginger).
@~@ any VEGETABLES or SOUPS with FISH MAW cut into small pieces.
@~@ dishes containing SEA CUCUMBER, e.g. stir fried asparagus with sea cucumber.

Food that I need to do further study on:
liver and kidney. Honestly, I do not like to eat organs. I avoid liver and kidney in pregnancy despite of being anemic because of the undesired effect of vitamin A from liver, for the developing fetus.

List of companies providing confinement meal delivery in Singapore as of 2012: SGD 1,588; no delivery during public holiday.
Natal Essentials SGD 1,588; service disruption 1st Two Days of Chinese New Year; I find some of the menu contains fried items and cooling items like lotus root.
Chili Padi SGD 1,568 (NA for my case); no meal for 1st Day & 2nd Day of Chinese New Year. SGD 1379; No service during Chinese Lunar New Year period (4 Days).
Florence’s Gourmet 6292-9188 or e-mail flgourmt SGD 1,588 We have recently moved to Malaysia, we are not open for Singapore market before June 2013.

1. I have not taken any of their services, so I cannot guarantee on the quality, but the list is a good start for mothers to be who need confinement food.
2. The price is for 2 meals / day for 28 days.

Some useful knowledge:
Breastfeed baby before consuming their meals. By the next meal, the ginger and wine contents in mummy’s body would have been excreted through urination.
Alternatively, you may like to extract the breast milk before eating and feed the baby at a later time.

Black vinegar purifies the blood, the old ginger drives out the wind. If take black vinegar, glutinous ligaments and collagen of the pig’s trotters can reduce its acidity.
Duzhong / Eucommia Bark strengthens the kidneys, helps to lower blood pressure.
Fish maw contains collagen to strengthen limbs & joints, can improve QI and beautify complexion.
Kai Lan is beneficial to veins and bones, improvies joints and lypmh.
Black fungus is rich in iron and drives out stale blood from the body.

Useful URLs to learn about Chinese herbs used for confinenment:

Below is an image of Chinese herbals useful for confinement, from Chili Padi.
I love LILY FLOWER, once a good friend of mine cooked for me after a completion of a big project in UK.
I also like dishes with black fungus, ginseng, and wolfberries. Just think of Korean ginseng chicken!

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August 26, 2012 at 11:49 am

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