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How to conceive?

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God, please give us a baby to love and nurture.

Here are strategies worth trying:
1. pray, always pray, never lose faith and never give up!
2. Use ovulation kit.
3. Have sex during ovulation / PEAK and every other day during fertile period.
4. Avoid lubricant, hand lotion, saliva. They can slow down and kill sperm.
5. Sex position: the husband is on top of the wife. After lovemaking, wife lies still for 20-30 min, put a pillow under hips.
6. quit smoking, avoid smokers.
7. relax and reduce stress: cut back at work, do not bring work back home.
8. rest: have enough sleep.
9. exercises, e.g. pilates can strengthen pelvis, yoga
10. food: eat fertility boosting diet.
11. be careful with herbal remedies. Avoid St John’s wort, Echinacea purpurea, gingkgo biloba.
12. avoid pesticides, chemical solvents, dusts, sprays, paint thinners. If not possible, wear a mask, long pants, long sleeves, vinyl gloves (latex gloves are useless)
13. treat infection immediately because infectious discharge may stop sperm from entering uterus.
14. Husband: avoid heat e.g. hot water (bath tub soak, sauna), tight pants. Overheat sperm cells can be damaged. It takes 74 days for 1 full cycle of sperm production!
15. Wife: check your thyroid hormone level. Low level can impair ovulation.
16. Tell your doctors / physicians that you are trying to conceive before they prescribe any medicine.
17. regular check up with gynecologist. Babies worth more than the $ spent for the specialist.

What is PEAK?
(i) the last day of fertile mucus / slippery sensation (ii) not necessarily the day of most mucus. (iii) sensation of slippery (wet) is important.

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July 8, 2012 at 5:26 am

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