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I am in love with slow life in Lijiang

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I am in my 20s and for the past many years I have been living a hectic city life.
I am highly competitive and committed to my undertakings.
Rush from a place to another, across countries and continents.
Fighting for projects, awards, rewards, admissions, and jobs is a daily endeavor.

In short, before I arrived in Lijiang and after I left her, I have lived a competitive, rushing, multi-tasking life. Do you also live in similar ways?

Lijiang allowed me to appreciate a different form of life: slow life.
Perhaps, it is due to my discovery of a book “slow life in Lijiang”.

Quoting my hero Gandhi, “there is more to life than increasing its speed.”
On a side note, for my 1-week stay in Lijiang, I saw only an Indian family. Perhaps, the language barrier is discouraging Indian tourists.

Why am I in love with Lijiang?
Perhaps, I visited Lijiang with a lover.
We held hands, kissed, and made love.
Perhaps, my artistic thirst was quenched by the beautiful and charming old towns, graceful willow leaves, little streams, shining cobble stoned, and red sexy lanterns.
To me, Lijiang is a re-discovered Venice in the East, for I love the Venice of Italy so and had been surviving on countless gelato, I love the delicious dishes of Lijiang (stir fried jasmine, wild vegetables that I may not eat again!).

The ladies in Lijiang
The Naxi hardworking women, I put my hat off to you.
I love the happening music of the garbage collecting little truck.
All the workers are women.
That is why Lijiang old town is relatively much cleaner than other parts of China.
My partner said I seem considering of applying for this job.
I kept on saying so fun to work with those music broadcasted from their little truck.

The ladies in Lijiang
The tourists in Lijiang:
Beautiful Chinese ladies in long colorful skirts and round hats
Carrying umbrella
I love taking pictures of them.
Who can resist beautiful things?

The children of Lijiang
Toddlers wrapped in thick clothes.
Your playground is so beautiful, yet you may not realize it.
It is the funny nature of human beings.
People cherish what they do not have or what they hardly get or what they have to fight to have.

The dogs of Lijiang: from small size to large ones.
Dogs with innocent looks
Dogs with hairstyle

The sound of Lijiang

I love the positive ending of this song.
The drum, the free feeling

The never-worry attitude of Lijiang
Time seems stop for you (when in fact time flies without you realizing it)
Let us enjoy life
Sitting at the courtyard
With swing, red lanterns, bougainvillea, a cup of tea – a private enclosure in the midst of crowded, ancient, beautiful old town
Chat with old and newly-made friends
A Shanghainese entrepreneur invited us to his inn; he bought the usage license (for 15 years).

The arhictecture of Lijiang
I love the roof.
I love the cobbled streets, shiny due to years and centuries of pedestrians walking on them.
I love the red lanterns, sweet and sexy against the cool grey roof.

Now, I only think about food and hugs from my beloved ones.
Dear said I am becoming like a bimbo on the 2nd Sunday of June 2012.
Sigh, it is time to enhance my intelligence.


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June 25, 2012 at 1:02 pm

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