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A career as a physician (psychiatrist)

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I re-conceive the thought of becoming a physician (doctor), perhaps one who specializes as a psychiatrist.

In 2012, I am neither too young nor too old to be in a MD program, yet it will take a huge amount of $, energy, effort, and time before one can realize such a dream. I would say at least one must prepare 10 years for training before one can be a specialist.

Becoming a doctor was 1 of my childhood dreams.
I held an imaginary hospital, with imaginary patients and of course I was the doctor cum the nurse.

After finishing high school, I was not sure if I would have the physical energy to pursue a rigorous career such as physician. The two girlfriends – both are physicians with PhD shared with me how blessed they are for being able to catch sleep.

I was not born healthy. If it was not my uncle-in-law, a traditional med doc prescribing me a remedy for me, you will not be reading this sharing now.

Upon finishing high school, my practical goal was to get a scholarship. Attending a university was a dream. It was impossible for students of my background to get a scholarship for a medical study. Therefore, I chose the field based on what I studied most and did well in high school.

As I live longer and gain maturity (wisdom), I discovered that I love to counsel, encourage and help others. I have a burning desire to turn negative people into positive people, positive people into super positive people.

In early 2012, I managed to convince someone to go for the dream of becoming a physician than to go for another course for the sake of $. Somehow, I was able to detect her reluctance for another course. I could identify her real dream. I might be able to identify my patients’ ailment.

As a child, I grew up facing bullying. Thus, I learned that people could be scary. However, as I have lived, learned and done more things in my life, I acquire quiet confidence. I re-learn that there are people who are very nice and encouraging. They are my role models. I also learn that people do hurtful things to other because they are ignorant, suffer from negative emotions (jealousy, anger), and they are pathetically trapped in hopeless states. I can play my role to aid to their rescue.

Meeting inspirational people is important, especially for children and youth. I have met wonderful doctors / doctors-to-be in UK and US. Once, I dined with and was treated by a man pursuing PhD, MBA, JD in a Portuguese restaurant. They are real examples that one can achieve and realize ones’ dream.

What kind of doctor I can be? With my angelic face, soothing voice, and eternally loving smiles (originated from a love akin to mothers’ love), I am confident that I could bring some remedies to my patients.

Now, I believe that my physical health is improving from days to days. Doctors are less prone to the attack of disease, because they have no fear for illness.

If you are in similar situation like me, you may want to consider:
1. take MCAT
2. understand the career path

For me, I have many dreams, though this dream is kind and noble, I have a greater dream. The most important thing is I dare to dream, to share, and to take actions.

Written by blueroselady

June 13, 2012 at 5:29 am

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