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The Silk Road: my virtual travel in 2012

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When time, money, and energy are not available, but one desires so much to see the world, one can still do VIRTUAL TRAVEL.

Silk Road documentaries:
Comment: old so relatively low resolution.
Comment: A team of photographer and film maker. Artistic combination. Expect the perspectives, narration, and attitudes of Westerners in this documentary.

Since 300 BC.
A majority of Muslims.
A men forehead must touch the ground when he prays, so only particular hats are desirable (by buyers).
Deserts with snow mountains backdrop. Majestic scenery.
Simultaneously beautiful and harsh.
Xinjiang is the wild west version of China: men carry (and know how to use) knives and swords.

A lot of $ change hands in market and bazaar. Suddenly, I think of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
The successful people in the Silk Road are those who are multilingual. e.g. Ali (who helped the hat seller).
Ali learned his English watching film.
Blueroselady, please be multilingual.
Celebrating Ramadan: prayer, dance.
Mao statue standing tall in Kashgar seems to remind visitors that you are still in China. We also saw his statue in Lijiang.

Some of the places on The Silk Road are over 6km above sea level.
Horse-riding there.

Then, outside Kashgar.
“This place is just bare, sand, sand, sand”
Falcon to hunt rabbit.
See jade near river. In ancient China, jade is more valuable than gold. To me, diamond is more valuable than gold, yet lives are even more valuable than diamond.

They bought a silk scarf for RMB 200. My man’s aunt-in-law once bought me a silk scarf from West Lake, my man bought me a black silk handkerchief from Lyon. I am a lucky woman!

I have been to Chang An (now Xi An), with a group of wonderful people in summer 2010.
We took pictures in front of the Bell Tower, where the former Imperial Palace of Tang Dynasty was.
We had a dinner in a Muslim eatery place. A lot of BBQ meat. Thankfully a friend from Canada carried hand sanitizer with her, which she kindly shared with us. The guests were loud and few were fighting for a table. It was a new, barbaric experience for me, but I believe that there are always civilized sides to every culture.

To me, Simatai is the most beautiful Great Wall that I have been to, with many beautiful memories with friends.
A wish / prayer / secret for the next 3 centuries.
What is next?
I want to climb Great Wall Jiayuguan.

TERRACOTTA ARMY / Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
Impressive! Every soldier is unique.
It seems that men with broad faces were desirable and strong in the past.

Thank you so much to
CCTV (China)
NHK (Japan)
National Geographic

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China that I have been to:
Forbidden City
Terracotta Army
The Great Wall
Old Town of Lijiang
Summer Palace
Temple of Heaven
South China Karst : Shi Lin

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China that I want to visit:
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie
Mount Emei (including Leshan Giant Buddha)
Ping Yao
Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries
West Lake


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