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From Tiger Leaping Gorge to Guilin

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After personally experiencing the Tiger Leaping Gorge, I want to visit Guilin.
In the past, I was satisfied with my experience in Halong Bay, but now I really want to visit Guilin. Not in the year of 2012, but I believe some time in the future.

Born to travel.
Born to be inspired and to inspire.

作詞: 譚健常 作曲:小軒

一部春秋史 千年孤臣淚
成敗難長久 興亡在轉瞬間
總在茶餘後 供於後人說
多少辛酸  話因果

百戰舊河山 古來功難全
江山幾局殘 荒城重拾何年
文章寫不盡 幽幽滄桑史
悲歡歲月  盡無情

長江長千里 黃河水不停
莫負古聖賢 效歷朝英雄


Written by blueroselady

June 8, 2012 at 5:12 am

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