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How to deal with difficult people

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Think of the followings:
surly colleagues who miss promotions
lazy subordinates
stubborn bosses

No matter where we go, we will encounter difficult people, but we can make our life easy using some learned strategies.

1. I am FLEXIBLE in my approach: to adapt to my colleagues’ temperaments.
2. VERBAL skills. Keep my remarks unemotional (e.g. when I try to diffuse a tough situation).

Approach any conflict with 2 viewpoints / perspectives / interpretations in mind: mine and theirs.
Then, I construct my arguments in a way that encourages my colleagues to respond positively.

No point in winning small battles if I lose the war.
Focus on areas of common ground.

People cannot laugh and be angry at the same time.
Just recall an amusing incident can lower tension.

Thank you:
Frances Kay, author of "Dealing with difficult people for rookies"


Written by blueroselady

May 30, 2012 at 2:52 pm

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