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There was an occasion when 2 blonde guys visited my colleague CS.

They hailed all the way from the Netherlands.

To give them more freedom to talk, I excused myself to elsewhere.

When I returned to my work desk, I found a note calling me babe and inviting me out for a date with 1 of the guy.

At that time, I just ignored the note.

Was I very bad?

The guy intended to be beyond my friend, which I was not comfortable with.

I was in a serious relationship and I wanted to be a loyal partner.

How can I do better in the future when I encounter similar situation? Say thank you, sorry, explain why I am not interested.

In another occasion, my 2 male friends and I met this talented handsome guy at a park in California.

Later, he asked me out for coffee.

I thought that sounds fun, without realizing that it means a date.

Why? I came from UK where it is common for my friends to invite me for tea.

I did not know that in US, when a guy asked you out for coffee it means a date.

Men tend to cherish women who are wanted by more men. It is like winning a trophy, according to a male friend.

Once, my man asked me who like me.

My man has a talent to be an interrogator or a detective.

I did not tell him their names or details (in order to protect the self-esteem of my past suitors).

I just told him some stories so that my man will treasure me more (not at the expense of others’ pride).

Guys, I am sorry.

I am not a man, so I will never understand what pride means to you, but I do care about the feelings of my male friends.


Written by blueroselady

May 28, 2012 at 8:38 am

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