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Recipe: oriental mushroom soup

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minced meat (it will be better if pork ribs)
dried scallops
1 tbs oriental sesame oil
1 tbs minced garlic
1 tbs minced peeled ginger (I will not add this in the future as I do not like the spicy feeling)
red dates
sliced mushrooms: oyster, shitake, snow white, mushroom green head, Termitomyces (jicongjun).
add pepper to suit taste.

1. Fresh mushrooms taste better than dried mushrooms.
2. I do not like the taste of mushroom green head.
3. Inspiration was from mushroom feast (hot pot) in Kunming.
4. I think I put too many mushrooms in my cooking. Now, I am overdosed of them. But, I am still grateful to God for the abundance of food that we have.
5. Pine Mushroom / 松茸 song1rong2 / Matsutake Tricholoma is popular in Japan. It is said that the matsutake were the only “plants” that survived the atomic bombing on Hiroshima in 1945, and since then the Japanese have developed a strong belief in their health benefits. For grilling / pan-fried. I am curious on how it tastes.
6. truffle. I have brought Dad and Mom to Borough Market where we sampled some truffle and brought delicious mushroom pate (good to eat with bread or warm rice). I am so grateful.

To find out more about the nature that provides (delicious) food in China and some cookings, I recommend you to watch:
A bite of China

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