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ancient Chinese ways to improve our wellbeing: physical, mental and spiritual health

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An ounce of PREVENTION is better than a pound of CURE.
Choose vegetables.
AVOID too much RAW and COLD food.
Do not overdose on RICH foods e.g.

What are pleghm and damp forming food? They are rich food.
1. dairy produce: milk, butter, cheese, cream.
2. fatty meat, fried foods.
3. sugar, sweeteners.
4. excess wheat (breads, pasta)
5. concentrated juices e.g. orange juice, tomato puree.
6. peanuts, bananas.
7. excessive alcohol.
Blueroselady: the list seems to encapsulate most food that I have been consuming until Apr 2012. I must change for my health.

AVOID spoiled food.
Not TOO hot or cold: keep it BALANCEd.

Anger makes QI rise.
Fear makes QI descend.
Worry knots the QI.
Grief and sadness dissolve QI.
Joy slows QI down.

Use TALKing therapy.
Use WRITING therapy.

BALANCE yin and yang in your work and rest.
CONVALESCENCE: the forgotten secret, gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury.
Exercice while you work.
SLEEP is the best natural cure.
Exercise can be INTERNAL or EXTERNAL.

Tired all the time? DAMP could be the cause, besides overwork, poor diet, insufficient sleep.
How to protect ourselves from the damp effects?
1. dry ourselves properly: do not go out with wet hair, do not sleep with wet hair.
2. change cloth when sweating.
3. do not sit in damp places.
4. avoid damp forming food (sticky food, pleghm causing food): dairy products, bananas, peanuts, greasy food.

Thank you Angela Hicks.
See also my green old A4 notebook.

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