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A jewel of Adriatic: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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In 2009, a lover and I visited Dubrovnik.

Why Dubrovnik?
It is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site.
We were enticed by the UNESCO branding, it must be something good.
Branding is like reputation.
Though I am not attracted by the brands of luxurious products (LV, Prada, etc), I admit that UNESCO branding is a quality assurance.
No two places are the same, but luxurious products are made in factory. I do not want to carry a bag that other rich women also carry.
I prefer a unique bag, think of ethnic motifs, interesting colors, and affordability.
OK, enough of deviating from Dubrovnik.

Things I love of Dubrovnik:

  1. The traditional orange roofs. They reflect the sunlight like glitters!
  2. Old City Wall. We had a fun and windy walk. It gave a view of the Old City and azure Adriatic Sea. The mini Europe version of Great Wall of China.
  3. We visited the 3rd oldest pharmacy (since 1317 and is still running) in Europe in the Franciscan Monastery. Besides Franciscan Monastery, the other churches in the Old City include: St Blaise, Cathedral, St Saviour, Dominican Monastery.
  4. We attended a music performance. Women who play instruments appear sexy to my man. I still remember the lady with a viola, black long hair in pony tail without fringe, and her revealing shoulder.
  5. Romantic walk along the cobbled streets.
  6. We climbed to someone’s under-construction roofs (outside the Old City) to gain a bird view of the Old City. Though tiring to climb, yet it was so adventurous!

Hope these can inspire you to visit Dubrovnik!

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May 19, 2012 at 8:11 am

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  1. Sounds lovely. Do you have any photographs?


    May 19, 2012 at 7:41 pm

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