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Wanted! Dual boot Windows Linux

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Next month, my dearest Gateway laptop is celebrating 2nd anniversary.

She is my 3rd laptop, after Toshiba (1st), HP (2nd).

She is getting slower than ever. HELP!

Is it because I have filled her with so many data?

I need to sort out a number of files in my laptop.

I want a dual boot Windows Linux.

The IT officer can help me to convert the Gateway into a dual boot.

The pro of Windows:

1. MS Office – EndNote.

2. Adobe Acrobat. create PDF from multiple files. Save as JPG, PNG, PDF format. Photoshop (seems better than Gimp). Can highlight my PDF files. can save with password.

3. Irfanview – batch rename / convert images files.

4. CutePDF

5. WinRar.

I seldom use them now:

Windows live messenger.

Putty, WinSCP

I am going to try these:

1. to create a PDF from multiple files in Linux:

2. There is no native-Linux version of IrfanView. However, you can use IrfanView in conjunction with Linux programs like WINE.

Wine enables running windows application on linux.

3. winrar for linux :

The pro of Linux:

1. FREE. open source.

2. command lines : ls, grep, rm, mv, cp, ssh, scp

3. R

Things that can work in both Windows and Linux:

1. Notepad++ (Windows) vs gedit (Linux).

2. internet browser (chrome, firefox).

3. Skype.

4. QQ (as long as I have internet browser,

5. VLC media player

6. LaTeX

It is important for me to have a partition that can be accessed by both Windows and Linux.

Now, I love to store my data in simple text file.

Then, I can highlight them using text editor (or save as .rb or .r)

But how to store Chinese characters in simple text file?

I do not play games, do not watch movies on my laptop. Can you believe it?

Honestly, I dislike staring at monitors for too long.

Thankfully, I can connect my laptop to our TV for editing jobs.

Still, I prefer to read hard copies or rest my eyes by appreciating nature.

Sometimes, I consider of giving my Windows 7 up, and be a 100% Linux; yet there are features of Windows that I love of course (see above).


I can use the Windows of my partner when he is sleeping.

I cannot live without either Windows or Linux.
I heard that Mac combines both features, yet Mac seems to be expensive to me.

I welcome any advice and suggestions 🙂


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May 18, 2012 at 7:44 am

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