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How to engage science into life?

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Science surrounds us, like it or not.
Science allows us to study the world around us and learn how things work.

I do not believe one source of news.
I gather multiple inputs before I arrive at important decisions.

in cooking. I cook using timer. Once, I had a timer from Daiso. Two friends who work in biotech industry gave me timers of abcam and Promega. Thank you!
The timer allows me to multitask without worrying that I over-steam / over-boil my food.

EVIDENCE-based DOCumentation
I self-analyze myself, my health.
I love reading, watching documentaries, listening to insightful talks, talking to inspiring people.

I love to exchange ideas to acquire and share constructive suggestions.

not necessarily overseas trips, but I love a journey to places where I have never been to.
A trip to museum / nature / botanical garden.
Listen, see, breathe, touch (with care and caution), record (write / take photos / sketch / make videos).


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April 20, 2012 at 3:59 pm

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