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Reading for children (newborn to age 5)

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a min of 10 MINUTES a day.

Don’t worry if babies chew or play the books. It is a learning process.




Enjoy reading.

Explain how reading and writing helps me get things done daily.

The WAY you speak does matter.

The FREQUENCY you speak does matter.

Visit the LIBRARY / BOOK STORES weekly.

Check out their events for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and family.

It is always good for our children to socialize early.

Create a library at home.

This was my dream as a child!

Bring something to read everywhere you go – for you and the little ones.

Limit TV time.

TV viewing decreases language skills.

ACCESSible books. At low shelves to children.

Choose child care providers who understand the importance of reading and talking to young children.

“Readers are not born, they made”.

Below are from:

Speak slowly and enunciate – this helps train neurons in the brain in identifying specific sounds.

Repeat words – this strengthens the neural pathways used for language.

Speak face-to-face when talking to infants – they watch adults’ mouths to match shapes to sounds.

Provide feedback – if a baby says "ma-ma-ma" answer her attempts at speech with "Yes, mama is right here."

Don’t simplify your speech for toddlers – the more complex sentences they hear, the more complex sentences they’ll be able to speak.

Talk with children, not at them – talk is much more effective when it’s interactive.

Note for Blueroselady:

See the booklet placed in the same box as your National Geography magazine.

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