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Entrepreneur: Ruben Gnanalingam of Westports on people

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Ruben Gnanalingam is the CEO of Westports in Port Kluang, Malaysia.

His father won the bid in 1994 to operate Westports.

I found it hard to relate to Ruben in the context of his privilege to attend Eton, which opens the path to LSE.

In 2012, the school fee of Eton is more than GBP 30,000 per annum.

With my current economic situation, I will not be able to send any boy to Eton.

However, I like Ruben’s attitude to credit his people.

Westports hire 4000 employees.

I saw my boss, his boss and the boss of his boss, do struggle with people, with some success and some failure.

Dealing with people is one of the most important things to master for an entpreneuer.

In Ruben’s words:

“Anyone with the finances can buy equipment and build the wharf,

but it is not easy to buy people and culture.

We MOTIVATE people, PLAN well and AUTOMATE processes to make it easier for our people to work.

We try to KEEP our WORD and create a FRIENDLY and FLEXIBLE culture.”

Taj Mahal was not built by Shah Jahan,

Taj Mahal was built by the workers.

Source: Forbes Asia March 2012

Written by blueroselady

April 11, 2012 at 3:58 pm

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