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Entrepreneur: Don Huang and his 100 days at a startup

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I read 100 days at a startup and found it refreshing for my dream to be an entrepreneur.

It was written by Don Huang who is currently a Director of business development for Klout in San Francisco.

He reminds me on one of my former roommate in California, like Don, he also has Vietnamese origin and loves to cook.

I miss Vietnamese food greatly! I miss the moments when my roommate brought me to his favorite Vietnamese restaurants.

Moreover, Don was probably born in 1980, about the same age as my friend, whom I looked up as a big brother.

Back to the article on 100 days at a startup,

in a nutshell:

To analyze my skills, my passions, and what I want out of my career. To find my passion and follow my passion religiously.

To embrace ambiguity.

Build a network, understand how to work with people. After meet someone, immediately look them up in LinkedIn to prescreen opportunities and source for opportunities. Maintain reputation. Network! Network! Network!

Be a direct communicator.

“If you don’t like something – try to change it. If you can’t change it – leave because you’re wasting your youthful energy.” I agree, no amount of $ can buy back our youth.

Look for quick wins.

In the pursuit of education, I strived to go to the best places.

Though not perfectly done, I am grateful to myself for taking the responsibility, hard work, and commitment to make my dream a reality.

Before I completed my PhD, I thought that PhD is the highest academic qualification one can aim for.
Then, my supervisor told me that he has DSc and encouraged me to consider and pursue it. Wow!

Personally, I find that the success of completing a PhD study (especially in a subject that you do not have strong background), makes one strongly believe that one is capable of learning anything.

I struggled, survived, and surprisingly succeeded better than some people I thought as smarter than me.

However, formal education alone is one thing, but not everything.

I feel that I have been given a lot, but have not given greatly to the world.

We really become a valuable person in this world, when we can give something to others.

I want to give more tangible things to this world.

I want to join a Fortune 500 company.

These companies have made their ways to be the best in the world, surely there are tremendous things that I can learn from them.

I need to have a strong rock before I jump into my start up.

There are things inside me that are always kicking and screaming:

“Honey, you can do your best in whatever you choose to do.”

“Honey, your products and services can change the lives of million people, why are you satisfied with just a stable job?”

Yes, I can learn many things as long as I put my heart into it, from photography, writing, cooking, make-up, planning and surviving adventures to more number of countries than the number of years I have lived.

The main issue is not about my achievement, accolade, and experience, but more about how my life can better others’ lives.

I believe in myself, in my team, and our future customers.

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April 9, 2012 at 3:39 pm

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