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How to deal with workplace bully?

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In March 2012, I am robbed by my boss.
I have been working half-way for a project and suddenly my boss wanted me to surrender my work to his friend.
My work is weeks and months of my efforts; my boss helped none.
Yes, I was disappointed.

I have always told my self that I have a good relationship to my direct superior and colleagues, even though there are tiny incidents.
I keep on telling me that our boss is here to help us, to bring our work together into fruition.
Nobody is perfect after all.
When I have negative emotions at work, I try to alter my internal emotions so that I am happier and more proactive.
Nobody likes a negative person at the workplace.
I try my best not to blame others.
But as I learned from the kind mentor MS,
negative emotions may be a sign that we need to take action: to change our external environment instead of internal emotions.

What can we do when we are robbed?
1. There are unequal power (the robbers have more power at the present moments, e.g. weapons, authority).
When our life, our job is at stake, the safest way is to give in to whatever the robbers want.
2. Pray that the robbers stop further robbing and endangering our life.
3. Aware that the robbers may rob our present wealth, but not our capacity to generate wealth.
4. Always remember that life is the most precious thing. Protect your life. Examine the situation. If you can run, run. If you can seek help, seek help. But beware of provoking the robbers.

What can we do after we are robbed?
1. Move on. Change our neighborhood. Change our job. Avoid dangerous places.
2. If you cannot change immediately (e.g. due to economic situation, binding contract, or your pursuit of your dream),
2a. adapt.
2b. evolve. work on exit plans gradually.
2c. persevere
3. Be more careful in the near future.
4. Think positively.

Why do robbers do robbery?
1. greed / hunger.
2. they want the easy way.
3. it is the way they do things.

This experience allows me to realize:
1. I do not want to be like my boss: they way he achieves his success, the way he exploits his subordinates.
2. I accept things that I cannot change, and strive to be resourceful. There are always better tomorrow. When a door is shut, another door will be open.
3. I learn to be grateful because when I share my problem with others, one of my mentors encountered even a worse scenario. His boss said good things in front of him, but said bad things behind my mentor’s back.

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April 2, 2012 at 3:30 pm

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