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Book: You can heal your life

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In March 2012, I have seen doctors for 8 times (including emergency unit and traditional medicine ones) and the less worrying one of getting a letter to see a specialist in early April 2012.

I am determined to stay healthy as a part of my chief aim: to live happily and fruitfully until beyond 100 years.

Below are my own notes from reading a book entitled “You can heal your life” by motherly Louise Hay, with some incorporation from my present experience and understanding.

The 5 most important things:






LOVE means to love myself.

Accept myself as I am, so my self-worth will increase.

I am a Christian Catholic. Many times, we were taught to love others, but it seems to me that we are rarely asked to love ourselves.

In my humble opinion, we need multidimensional aspects of learning, not only from religious teachings, but also others such as metaphysical teachers like Louise.

Thank you Louise for sharing your thought on the importance of loving ourselves.

I see the point of Louise’s suggestion, if we cannot even love ourselves, how can we be loving to others?

When one cannot love his or her own children, how can he or she love others’ children?

BELIEVE that life always brings me what I need.

Believe that life always reveals to me what I need to know.

Believe that love is everywhere.

Believe that I am loving and lovable.

I believe in God – God who loves me.

Think POSITIVE thoughts.

I refrain from criticizing myself for anything.

I cease all criticism toward myself and others.

I replace negativity (e.g. fear) with positivity (e.g. faith).

I affirm positive, healing, loving messages to myself.

Do not listen to or read news before sleeping, or watch TV the last thing at night.
I discard thought and beliefs that do not make me happy or feel good.

I express my GRATITUDE

I am thankful when I wake up and prior to sleep.

I keep a list of blessings, so whenever I am sad I can quickly read them.

Gratitude is an attitude.

I FORGIVE myself and others.

I use my increasing understanding and reasoning so that I can have compassion and love to those who err me.

I focus on the good qualities of people, no matter how bad someone can be, there must be something good about him or her.

I release their opinion about me.

I release my emotional attachment to the past.

I cherish my PRESENT.

Hope that you find them useful for your healing journey.

Written by blueroselady

April 1, 2012 at 4:27 pm

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