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15 ways my man loves me

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  1. Dear helps me to close the windows every morning before we leave for work.
  2. Dear helps me to pour boiling water into thermos.
  3. Dear drags me to church weekly so that we can go to the heaven together.
  4. My man had waited for me with fidelity when we were separated by oceans.
  5. Dear accompanied me to hospital.
  6. Dear sometimes helped me to wash dishes.
  7. Dear helped to proofread my essays.
  8. Dear appreciates my efforts in cooking, making tiramisu, make-up.
  9. Dear accompanied me to watch a movie for his 2nd time in March 2012.
  10. Dear massaged my shoulder.
  11. Dear supported my business and book idea.
  12. Dear helped me to carry my laptop, on top of his laptop when we worked outside home.
  13. Dear gives hugs to me whenever I request.
  14. Dear accompanies me to Disneyland – a forever happy land.
  15. Dear prays with me and tucks me in before sleeping.

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March 28, 2012 at 4:23 pm

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