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15 ways Dad loves me

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  1. Dad has given me encouragement to excel in my learning.
  2. Dad helped me carry luggage when we traveled prior to my university days.
  3. Mum said he was the one who woke up to take care of me when I was a baby.
  4. Dad bought many books to me from his travel.
  5. Dad cried for me when I went for the first time to the West for studying. Dad is a hard man who does not cry. Mum could not recall seeing him crying.
  6. Dad made my dream a reality (to treat Mum for a Europe trip). He joined the trip so that both of them could be a pair of love birds again!
  7. Dad attended my 2 graduations, in spite of the long journey, falling ill prior to our long-haul flight.
  8. Dad drove me to the S city for a test. On the last leg of our journey, he drove from night until early 5 am.
  9. Dad was the one who killed blood sucking mosquitoes so that we could sleep well.
  10. Dad sometimes bought supper for us.
  11. Dad gave me his energy from meditation so that I could be smart and healthy.
  12. Dad brought me in his Vespa when he went shopping for the needs of his shop, I remember that I always loved to see different things though I did not request him to buy me any toys.
  13. Dad helped me spoke to the vice-headmistress so that I could skip a year of study.
  14. Dad went all the way to seek Mr Zhang’s help for me. Though I did not succeed, I learned an important lesson: perseverance.

Dad has been my consultant in the matter of leadership, business, and human relationship.

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March 27, 2012 at 4:23 pm

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