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How to travel healthily?

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Do you love or have to travel often?

I always love traveling to new destinations where I have never been to, to learn about the local people, places and culture, to savor delicious delicacies, to appreciate the beauty of our mother nature.

However, since our body is not used to the new destinations and hygiene varies from places to places, we can be prone to infections and diseases, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, seasonal influenza, typhoid fever, meningococcal disease.

What activities increase the risk of hepatitis B?

  1. travel to countries with high rates of hepatitis B
  2. unprotected sex
  3. tattooing
  4. ear piercing
  5. acupuncture
  6. manicure/pedicure
  7. sharing earrings, toothbrush, razor
  8. invasive medical attention (e.g. injection, IV drip, transfusion, stitching)

How to minimize the risk of hepatitis A?

  1. Minimize cold cuts, fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, salads, undercooked shellfish, iced drinks.
  2. Drink boiled water.
  3. Request for common spoons for shared dishes.

Places with higher risk for typhoid fever:

South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America.

The best thing is to strengthen your immune system. You can also consider getting vaccine.


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