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My positive self-image

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What are Blueroselady’s talents?
# enormous listening ears.
# fast-learner (e.g. Blueroselady can do professional-grade make-up, family / portrait photography).
# curiosity in learning, foreign lands, travel.
# can combine multiple actions to produce desirable results.

What are things that Blueroselady likes best about herself?
# greater-than-self purpose (to inspire millions of people through my internationally qualified learning skills).
# angelic innocent face.
# loving.
# listening ability.
# appreciative of God’s gifts (e.g. appreciation and love of diverse food, people, places).

What are areas of my personhood that I need to improve?
# to be always positive.
# to be more focus.
# time management.
# worry less.
# angry less.

Written by blueroselady

March 22, 2012 at 3:14 pm

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