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Movie: You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年, 我們一起追的女孩)

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While I was in the public transport in Taiwan (autumn 2011) I saw the ads for this movie and immediately wanted to watch this movie. My wish is granted thanks to my lover!

Being mischievous and after caught masturbating in class, Ko Ching-Teng 柯景騰 (the male lead) was ordered by their teacher to sit in front of a good student Shen Jia-Yi (the female lead) so that she can keep him in check.

Shen loves to poke Ke’s back to pressure him to study hard.

Their love relationship develops.

Perhaps, both of them are so contrasting in characters.

In 10 years time (while you were in high school), you may not need the knowledge of log.  Then why are you still learning hard?

人生很多事情都是徒劳无功的. Many things in life are futile.

My lover loves this movie a lot.  We watched this movie together while waiting for a flight, that was his 2nd time watching it.

Why does he particularly like this movie?

1. He liked to read manga, did not put much effort into studies until last minutes, and hung out a lot with friends.

2. He is sometimes as childish as the main male character.

3. This movie can bring back your memory.

This movie attracts those born between mid 70s to mid 80s, because they can relate to the movie.

This movie brings back the beautiful memory of puppy love.

4. He fell in love with a girl who is like Shen, a hardworking girl with a track record of academic excellence. Unlike Ko’s, I think my lover has a happier ending.

Why did Shen do not end up with Ko?

Perhaps Ko is too childish.

The things that you like about a potential boyfriend can be the things that you hate most of your husband.

Why did Shen fall for Ko?

Opposite attracts.

As Shen grew up, she decided that a mature man may be a better husband.

Girls, have you ever been attracted to nerdy hardworking boys?

There are some things about bad boys that attract you, do you agree?

A bad boy that helped you, you like him!

Perhaps when Ko lent his book so that Shen will not be punished is the turning point. Shen fell for Ko.

What is the take home message for me?

It is important to continuously encourage your bad boy.

You will never know what he may end up to be, a writer, a movie maker that eternalize your love story (irregardless it has a happy ending).

For example, every day, Ko reads and collects large amounts of materials and keeps writing 5000 words.

He is a productive writer, publishing at the rate of one book per month in 14 consecutive months.

If Ko can do it, so can I !

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  1. […] tend to have heart-warming endings. Indeed, this movie allowed me to sleep in warm as compared to You Are the Apple of My Eye that makes me sad. Share this:TwitterEmailStumbleUponLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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