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Happy shopping and staying at home

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Today is my window shopping day on the 2nd weekend of February 2012.
A ferrari driver drove madly @ crowded street. Pedestrians beware. Do not stand too close to the street.
The driver did so because wants to feel important, but @ the great risk of other lives. Dislike!

I don’t mind to spend more on food.
But not clothes, bra (can cost more than $100! Though they are sexy and nice), toys, accessories.
I am grateful for the only diamond ring that was given by my lover.

Even if I have grown up, I always love chidren section, from creative toys to princess dress up. is quite fun, like a fashion designer.

I like to see cupcakes, but not so much eating it.
I sampled Master Mi (from Taiwan), Bankaku shrimp cracker (taste normal).

Lunch: Yonehachi
The idea is similar to my kitchen fav: rice with ingredients like what I cook for my lover.
My lover & I love Japanese food for the VARIETY in a meal (color, cooking method). I am happy that I can exchange salad with sesame french bean.
Tips: it is better to shop with full stomach, we will not be tempted so much.

I bought Royce chocolate GIANDUJA for Valentine 2012. It has almond and hazelnut flavor, my lover’s favorite.

I tried Loccitane lavender. Rich lotion on skin, but too lavender in smell.

In the end, I am quite tired as I could not find some things that I need. Go back to recharge as more people start to over crowd. I prefer to shop when there are less people.

I cooked a soup with vermicelli for dinner.
pork ribs + red dates + wolfberries + danshen + carrot + beet root + mushroom.

My lover showed me a bit of Jeremy Lin in action.
He is so fast.
I am proud of him!

Glorious sunset framed by tree branches, viewed from the window of our living room. The intense color of sunset!

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February 11, 2012 at 11:56 am

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