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Our bright room

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I love our bright room.
We painted our wall white and put white curtain and roller blind.
Our double light with separate switches serve multiple purposes.

“Reading is good for you. TV is bad for you,” said 1 of my mentors.
I plan to instill the good habit of reading in my children from early ages.
I have seen many little children wearing spectacles, so I will also teach my children to read under good light (e.g. daytime sun through window) and to take a break.

I need to see clearly if I have applied my foundation / powder evenly.

3. for my LOVER
He loves white soft tofu.
The professionals have been using light to make photographs look so beautiful, so I am merely applying the technique.

4. MOSQUITOES are easier to spot and kill.
Buddhism teaches that we should not take lives away.
But these larger-than-average mosquitoes are sucking our blood and causing inflammation and swelling. So mosquitoes, you die or we suffer, are the only 2 choices.

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February 8, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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