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Book: The magic and mystery of Scotland

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Photographs by Dennis Hardley

Author Lucinda Hawksley

When I was young, I had no money to buy books other than my school text books. Honestly, I was envious of my friends whose parents can buy them many story books. I also love books with beautiful scenery. I collected travel brochures and flipped them many times before sleeping. Daydreaming to night-dreaming.

With a much healthier economy in my life, my dream of a library has become a realization. My lover and I are starting to build our own library. God, I am so thankful.

From the Cancer Research UK, I was so happy to buy this book at GBP 5 (original price was GBP 20) with so many beautiful images of Scotland. This beautiful book joins my other books, some are so kind and generous in sharing knowledge that I feel that the authors are like caring teachers and friends.

Since this post is about Scotland, I would list below the beautiful things I love about Scotland.

@~@ Towards Cuillin Hills from Loch Slapin, Skye Inner Hebrides : the vivid-green of algae-covered boulders, a biscuit-cloured sand, tantalisingly clear blue of the sky.

@~@ Highland Loch in Winter. I love the icy stalactites hang from lochside shrubs.

@~@ Loch Lomond, Ardlui Argyllshire

@~@ Highland Cow. I found that the long fury hair covering the eyes of these highland cows so lovely in total contrast with the alarming and defensive 2 horns.
I think of an interesting idea for hairstyle: a little bit of hair covering our face can sweeten our look.

@~@ Ruins of Girnigeo and Sinclair Casltes, Caithness.
Love the landscape of unsurpassed grandeur.

@~@ View from Calton Hill, Edinburgh.
In the morning of a late autumn.
I saw the pair of lover from , they are waving to me.
A scene of love that had endured rain and shine.
A scene imprinted in my memory.
A scene that I will remember for the rest of my life.
To remind me on LOVE.

@~@ Listening to the Bagpipes.
“By eliminating the Celtic culture, the English hoped to subjugate (征服) the Celtic soul.
As a result, wearing tartan and playing the bagpipes were forbidden throughout Scotland for many decades.”
I heart the Celtic for I have a similar experience to them.
We were forbidden to celebrate and to learn about our culture.

Q. What are the differences between the Celtic culture and Gaelic culture?
I checked
In brief and a math sentence, Gaels are subset of Celts. Imagine a Venn diagram.
I remember once I met a girl who is very proud of her Gaelic root in a formal hall.
So grateful for the opportunity to learn about others and become friends, even if our encounter is as short as few hours.

@~@ Scottish smoked salmon.
“the art of smoking became a very popular one in the 19th century and REVOLUTIONISED the Scotch salmon industry”.
I often added smoked salmon to my bread and rice, while living in UK.
I was grateful. Salmon is rich in protein, good for our brain and body.

@~@ Sandstone Sea Arch. Near Torness East Lothian.
Beautiful sandstone is possible after painful shaping by “the power of the sea and the motion of the wind”.
Think that a beautiful work (e.g. sculpture, make-up) is only possible after painful shaping.

God, I am also so grateful that you grant my beloved an opportunity to stay briefly in Edinburgh. Though it was winter, we enjoyed Edinburgh so much, also thanks to the nice dwelling where we lived in. We cooked and ate together, so happy!


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