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On time but not hurrying

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Have you ever found yourselves rushing from a place to another? Taking public transports at the rush hours can be stressful because everyone seems to be in hurry. My housemate and I often go home together after work because we work at nearby offices. Many times, we go home after the rush hours. This way, we can do more work at the workplace instead of bringing our work home and we feel more relaxed on the journey home.


My Dear and I tend to prefer to go for a holiday free and easy instead of with a guided tour. We have more control on the time we would like to spend to appreciate the sceneries and to enjoy the fresh air, without hurrying because we have to follow the guided tour program.



Of course, there are things that we must do on time, such as arriving on time at school or office. To avoid hurrying and stressing ourselves, we can wake up earlier if we need more time to wash out and have breakfast. My parents used to advice me to arrive early at the airport. The passengers are expected to wait for the flight, but the airplane will not wait for the late passengers. If we arrive just few minutes before the boarding gate closes, we may be hurrying, panicking, and even forgetting things.


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January 2, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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