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Tips: things to do at least once in a lifetime

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give / donate a large percentage of what you have (Done * to parents, not yet to strangers – after all everyone is our brother and sister)
teach for free (at alma mater)
make love *
be a loving marriage partner
be a loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother
live with a loving dog *
visit / immerse yourself at Asia *, Europe *, America *, Africa, Australia * , Antarctica continents
pilgrimage to Vatican City *, Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela
drive Ferrari / Porsche
ride Harley Davidson
ski *
snow sled *
water ski
canoe *
climb a mountain *
fly a plane *
gliding *
paraglide *
skydive *
scuba dive
visit the outer space
shave your head bald in support of cancer patient
dance e.g. salsa, belly dance
walk a dog *, walk blindfolded to smell and feel nature
play double sticks * like Bruce Lee
see panda, polar bear *, penguins *, fireflies *, orang utan *
see aurora borealis
set up a business
set up a charity
get a PhD * / MBA / JD / MD
make an innovation
give a talk to an audience of ~ 50 *, 500, 1000 people
write a book
make a movie
compose an album (singing / storytelling)
dine with your hands *, chopsticks *, banana leaves *
dine at a Michelin restaurant
dine at an Oxbridge formal, like Harry Potter *
eat sashimi *, bamboo shellfish *, lobster *, shark fin soup *, caviar *
eat Japan beef, kimchi hotpot *, Korean BBQ *, bird nest *
eat Diplazium esculentum (pakis) *, Beijing 土豆丝 *
eat tiramisu *, profiteroles *, macaroon * , Belgium chocolates *, Belem egg tart *, durian penyet *
drink ice wine *, Beijing soymilk and yoghurt *, coconut *
sip a cup of coffee at a Jazz cafe * (Prague memory)
drink civet coffee (kopi luwak) *
drink 碧螺春 tea *
body massage *
when you are over 60, go for adventures
live your life to the fullest

Please feel free to share your list of things to do.

Written by blueroselady

January 1, 2012 at 2:46 am

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