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Tips: what one should and could do in Singapore?

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If you consider relocating to Singapore for work or study, you could look for a room at I know a Thai-Japanese lady who found her room there.

# Aim for 5Cs: Cash, Cards, Condo, Car, Career.
# Study and work as much as you could. Thanks to the kiasu (competitive) culture. A colleague of mine told me that PSLE determine a fate of somebody, she has a primary-4 girl.
# Eat
# Borrow books from public library. e.g. fictions, self-helps, Singapore travel guide book. Pose with “No smoking! Fine $500” sign.
# Visit farms in Kranji.
# Visit South East Asia countries, thanks to budget airlines.
# Hog a seat at a cafe or a public library with air conditioner to do work / study. Please be considerate when the place get crowded.
# Online shopping.

Useful URLs for online shopping:

Dec 2009: A friend who works in aviation industry advised not to take Malaysia Airlines or Lion Air, Jet Star and JAL are better options.

Once, we visited Bollywood Veggies, one of the farm in the  Kranji countryside.

I plucked 3 blue pea flowers, which are used to make nyonya dessert and salad.
There, we learnt about the following things:
Dill: for cooking fish, has calming effect.
Drumstick tree: root is similar to wasabi but has paralizing danger, leaves are useful for glowing skin.
Hibiscus: to prevent hair loss, but avoid those with pesticides.
Wild pepper: for otah, migraine.
Starfruit: to relieve heating, to stop bleeding.
Small does of coffee is good for heart. Coffee was serendipitously discovered in Ethiopia when somebody accidentally burn a coffee tree.
Water apple: can cure herpes (chicken pox, etc).
3 cash crops: sugar cane, sweet corn, soya bean.

If you are bitten by mosquito, you draw a circle around the bite area, the ink will neutralize the mosquito saliva.

Sadly, in spite of advances in medical sciences and technologies, today food contains a lot of growth hormones.
Growth hormones: cause our organs fail faster.

Scientists are growing meat in labs. Would you like to eat artificial meat?
Well, we have been drinking yogurt and Yakult.

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December 31, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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