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Merry Christmas 2011! Christmas is the best time to give because God has given us His only Son.
It is my desire to share useful information and knowledge to help others to succeed. This post is intended to students and learners.

In a similar analogy to the rich get richer, once you have one or few awards or scholarships, it is likely to be easier to get more. An award or a scholarship gives you the credibility to the next one.

What if you do not have any at this moment? I had encountered this situation before, you and I can only keep on trying to secure our first award / scholarship, and to do well in our studies.

Depending on your circumstances, which you can (your academic and extracurricular achievements) or cannot (your nationality, gender, ethnic, etc) control, some awards or scholarships may be more suitable to you than others.

Here is a list to start searching and discovering:
A.I. duPont Institute Fellowship
AAL All-College Scholarship
AAUW Scholarship
Agassiz Scholarship
Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung
Algar H. Meadows Fellowship
Allstate Foundation Scholarship
Alvin H. Baum Scholarship
Amelia Earhart Fellowship
Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship
Anglo-American Scholarship
Arkansas State Scholarship
AT&T Engineering Scholarship
Ayres Scholarship
B.L. Montgomery Scholarship
Bailey Scholarship
Balliol Research Felowship
Bank of America Scholar
Bayerische Begabtenförderung
Bayerische Elite Akademie
Boeing Scholarship
Böhringer Ingelheim Fond
Bolonga Centre Fellowship
Brumbaugh – Ellis Scholarship
Bundeswettbewerb Mathematik
C. Stuart & M. McLeod Scholarship
Caldwell Scholarship
Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholarship
Cantwell Scholarship
Career Expo Scholarship Award
Carnation Scholarship
Carolina Marcial-Dorado Scholarship
Catharine D. Sharpe Scholarship
CEIP Fund, Inc. Fellowship
Center for European Studies Fellowship
Chicago Honors Scholarship
Claims Association Scholarship
Colportage Academic Scholarship
Commander-Whitehead Fellowship
Commonwealth Trust
Consumers Power Fellowship
Co-op Scholarship
Daid Scholarship
Danner Foundation Fellowship
Deans Scholarship
Department of Defense Fellowship
Department of Education Scholarship
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Dorab Tata Scholarship
Dorot Fellowship
Dow Fellowship
Dwight F. Benton Scholarship
E.I. duPont Nemours Fellowship
Eastman Kodak Scholarship
Elks Scholarship
Eugene Summers Scholarship
European Trust
Evangelisches Studienwerk
Fellow of German National Scholarship
First Place Speech Scholarship Comp.
Fonds der chemischen Industrie
Ford Manufacturing Fellowship
Ford Scholar
Foundation Scholar
Founders Memorial Scholarship
Francis Lee Friedman Scholarship
Fulbright Scholar
Full Athletic Scholarship
Full Scholarship
Galvin Scholarship
Gates Cambridge Scholarship
GE Foundation Fellowship
General Motors Scholarship
Georgetown University Scholarship 91-93
Government Scholarship
Graduate Fellowship
Graduate National Scholarship
Graduiertenstipendium (Bund/Land)
Hardy Scholarship
Harry S. Truman Scholarship
Harvard College Graduate Scholarship
Harvard College Scholarship
HBS Public Management Fellowship
Helen C. Crosby Fellowship
Hertz Fellowship
Hintz Fellowship
Honors Fellowship
Honors Program Scholarship
Honors Scholarship
Horace Goldsmith Fellowship
Howard Hill Fellowship
Howard Hughes Fellowship
Hughes Aircraft Company Fellowship
Hughes Work-Study Fellowship
IBM Scholars Program
Intramural Fellowship
ITT Merit Scholarship
IUJ Scholarship
J.N. Tata Scholarship
J.T. Hooker Memorial Scholarship
James L. Gavin Scholarship
James S. Kemper Fellowship
John Harvard Scholarship
John Madore Scholarship
Jugend forscht
Jugend musiziert
Julia Dangler Memorial Scholarship
Keasbey (Oxford)
Kent D. Schaefer Scholarship
Kraft Fellowship
Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship
Lancaster Scholarship
Lawrie Scholarship
Leadership Scholarship
Macquarie Hill Samuel Scholarship
Marcus Wallenberg Scholarship
Marie Curie Fellowship
Marshall Scholarship
Marvin Anthony Scholarship
Max Planck Gesellschaft
McCain Commemorative Scholarship
McCloy Academic Scholarship
McCormick Fellowship
MCI Fellow
Mead Corporation Scholarship
Merit Scholarship
Morehead Scholarship
Murphy Fellowship
N.Y. State Regents Scholarship Winner
NASA Scholarship
National Achievement Scholar
National Merit Scholarship
National Science Foundation Fellow
National Undergraduate Scholarship
Natl Black MBA Assoc Scholarship
NCAA Graduate Fellowship
NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
Nierman Fund Scholarship
NIH Fellowship
Nomura Arts & Science Foundation Schol.
NSERC Postgraduate scholarship
NSERC Scholarship
NSF Fellowship
Ontario Scholarship
Oskar Karl Forster Stiftung
Packer Cambridge Scholarship
Pendleton Scholarship
PepsiCo Scholar
Peter Lougheed Scholarship
Phi Chi Theta Scholarship
Postdoc Stipendium
Presidents Endowed Scholarship
Procter & Gamble Scholarship
Prof. Dr. Koepchen Stiftung
Pulitzer Scholarship
Pullman Scholarship
Rector Honor Scholarship
Rheinhardt Memorial Scholarship
Rhodes Scholarship
Rick Elkon Mermorial Scholarship
Rimsky Fellowship
Robert Wood Johnson Fellowship
Rollins Scholarship
Rotary Scholarship
ROTC Scholarship
Schlumberger Foundation Fellowship
Sciences & Engineering Scholarship
Selmer Berelow Honors Scholarship
Sigoloff Fellowship
Sloan Foundation Fellowship
Smith Rippon Sr. Scholarship
Soros Foundation
Special Achievement Scholarship
Spencer Foundation scholarship
State Scholarship
State School Commissn Scholarship
Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Summerfield Scholarship
Swedish National Scholarship
Swiss-American Exchange Scholarship
TAPPI Scholarship for Leadership
Teaching Scholarship
Teagle Scholarship
Tennenbaum Fellowship
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Thouron Fellowship
Thyssen Stipendium
Tucker Foundation Fellowship
U.S. Naval Academy Scholarship
UGC Scholarship
Union Pacific Foundation Scholar
Universidad Metropolitana Scholarship
University Research Fellowship
University Scholarship
W.W. Cooper Scholarship for Academic Ex
Walter Martin Scholarship
Westinghouse Scholar
William C. Henderson Scholarship
William Fox Academic Scholarship
Zweig Fellowship

I wish you ALL THE BEST.


Written by blueroselady

December 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

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