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How to be a post-doc who contributes to our chosen scientific field?

How to make best use of my post-doc? learn new techniques, keep on publishing.

Why am I on earth asking these questions, when I have even not graduated?

The Scientist (2007)

Salaries can be slightly higher than average for industry postdocs; while academic salaries average $40,000 for US postdocs, according to the NSF, Genentech postdocs start at $49,000 and Schering-Plough postdocs start at $45,000.

There are industry postdoc detractors. Bill Lindstaedt, director of the career and professional development office at University of California, San Francisco, says that some industry postdoc positions can trap PhDs in “cheap scientist positions.” The work is grueling, without much opportunity to publish, and the focus is less on the scientist-in-training and more on the company’s pipeline.

While industry postdocs are often considered “a one-way street,” says Lindstaedt, because few return to academia, others, such as Novartis’ Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship, launched in 2004, are designed to keep connections to academia strong. The fellows are required to find a second mentor in academia. Rajesh Ranganathan, director of the educational office at Novartis, says that asking postdocs to pursue projects of their choosing enriches the company’s scientific research, while the connection with university faculty opens the door for fellows to return to academia as leaders.

Radcliffe Institute Fellowship (inter-disciplinary)


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