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Plans for progenies

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Universal Children’s Day takes place on November 20 annually. First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, it was established to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world’s children.

Since today is a children’s day, I have some ideas on what I want our future progenies to enjoy.

# Let them attend Sunday schools, be good and loving human beings.

# Teach them self-help. Nobody is going to help them forever, they have to help themselves.

# Guide them to protect themselves from pedophiles, kidnappers, etc.

# Learn at least 4 languages. English, Chinese Mandarin, and Spanish, as well as the language of my birthland. Correction in summer 2010: probably Hindi, even if most Indians speak and write English very well, knowing Hindi is a step closer to understand and befriend with them. Correction in new year 2011: probably Arabic.

# Learn how to swim. Dear does not know how to swim, I am a bit reluctant to bring him to sea. I myself can’t swim far and only dare to swim in swimming pool.

# For XX, learn to dance so that she will move gracefully.

# For XY and XX, learn self-defence / martial arts. You will never know what you will encounter in life. Dec 2011: I was sad and angry reading a story: a young promising boy was murdered by his robber because he resisted. The boy looks like my younger brother, and many of us can see our young ones in him. I must not let anger continue, let the law of universe do the justice. I wonder why some people can be so heartless to take away human life. God, please help his parents in the moment of deep sadness. We have to teach our future generations on when to defend, when to run away (yes, for survival).

# Participate in costumes parties / carnivals with other children. Live up the fantasy. When I was a kid, I love Disney princesses so much – for they are so beautiful and loved. I also like the happy-go-lucky Donald Duck. As a kid, I dreamed of visiting Disneyland. The dream was realized at Paris Disney at the last hours of 2008 and the early hours of 2009.

# Photograph them at least once every month, measure their growth, change their hairstyle once a year.

# For XX (girls), must learn MAKE-UP (highly essential) and fashion. Good if she knows how to sew (lesson from CSY, see books2011.txt). First impression does count, so if they are beautiful, they will attract potential men who love them. Mum did not really teach me, thanks to make-up gurus and magazines whom I have learned from and acquired inspirations from.

# FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE (frugality in spending, virtues in saving and investing). Like your maternal grandparents, we are only going to fund your education until A-level. If you want to attend a university, you have to fight for your own admission, scholarship, or study loan. You can start earning $ when you are a baby (as a model), a child , a teen (as a babysitter) and please tell others that you are happily and willingly doing all the work.

# Respect and better understand all individuals, regardless of occupation or income level.  Do manual labour as their work experience, so that they can relate with good people who are working hard for an honest wage and doing many of us favors. Be kind, for example, a simple “thank you” from a little kid or a young teen can make the day for a tired bus driver or toilet cleaner.

Written by blueroselady

November 20, 2011 at 12:18 am

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