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Blessings of 2011

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Trip with Panda: snow, delicious food, people who respect the elderly.

Reunion dinner: abalone, BBQ beef, hot pot.
Lunar New Year with Dad Mum.

Chinatown with DJ et al.
Grand Hyatt Dinner of shark fin soup and prawn.
Overheard in reception that ppl hv to fight for resources [culture cabinet], I am glad that I don’t do that anymore.
Bird nest soup.
Bought beautiful dresses. Love them! Look like Princess. Very happy, given that I seldom buy clothes, or nice clothes for myself.

Delicious home-cooked Indian food, Chinese dumpling 饺子. Thanks to our wonderful friends.
Universal Studio.
Trip with Panda: Twinkle2 firefly at the starry night. We saw more than hundred stars, including orion and planet jupiter.


Trip with Panda: shopping, home cooked meals, civet coffee, big head prawn, bamboo shellfish
Hotpot Xiaofeiyang with friends, champagne chocolate
study pray eat together at city area
future MIL cooked my favorite dishes: potato stripes

Botanical Garden, oriental library, flying kites and sunset.
study pray eat together at city area.
Polar Bear helps me to carry laptop, tripod, books.

Polar Bear accompanied me to wait for taxi at 4.30 am.

1st red maroon gown.
Saw a rainbow outside home.


Below are miscellaneous:

SIMPLE DAY (after a memorable trip home)
rest from last night fever
cut my fringe
put moth balls to bags to prevent fungi
tidy up my documents
eat porridge
still miss my parents
search for info for my brother university application
proud that fiance gave up his seat for an old man during a long bus ride
hug nieces
God, thank you!

My twitter in May 2011:
Craving for Kit Kat! [Count my blessings]: KK original, KK green tea matcha (bought in Narita), KK cherry / strawberry, KK orange, dark choco (UK). Wanted: KK melon.

I want to buy KK melon and KK white chocolate!
I want to buy KK cinnamon, coffee, available in Canada.
KK Café Latte with Hokkaidō Milk, KK Tiramisu Macha, available in Japan, sigh.
Nestle, I want KK pistachio! Please produce them.
Once, I drank super delicious McDonald melonshake in 2007 at Seoul, but I could not find it at Seoul McDonald in 2011. I want melon! Melonia!

Kit Kat, an expression invented in Britain in the 1930s, sounds eerily close to “kitto katsu,” a Japanese exam-season mantra that literally means “I’ll do my best to make sure I succeed”.

Indeed, when I was preparing for exams so that I could win a university scholarship, I ate KK after night revision to reward myself. Happy memory can be very simple.


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October 1, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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