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How to pose for photos?

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Blueroselady tips (learned from many other people):
Smile with Your EYES too.
Imagine somebody whom you love.
Present more of your nice angles.

Tips from Liz Fuller
If your problem is you don’t know how to pose, then start ripping pictures out of magazines. Get yourself Cosmopolitan, Company, Marie Claire; maybe go for the up market ones like Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, Harpers and Queen.

Get these magazines, start ripping them out. Keep your tear sheet folder with you, and if you go on a job and you’re quite new to this, you can say what kind of angle do you like and start showing the photographer, because often it’s about teamwork between you, the photographer, and the client. So, try and get the best out of that.

Try and be the best possible model that you can be. And it’s something that you will learn over years. What suits you? What angles are good? I certainly know my angles, and there is a lot of angles I would not pose in.


What kind of person makes a good subject?
Someone with a lot of PATIENCE, someone who is able to RESPOND to the camera, someone who isn’t too stiff and someone that CAN TAKE DIRECTION.


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