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Tips: how to survive working with workaholic boss

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@~@ attach your progress / results as a draft at 6 pm, send at 12 midnight
@~@ start fill in performance appraisal form, constantly update it
@~@ focus on your main project, you need to be an EXPERT in an area


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August 30, 2011 at 9:10 am

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  1. I worked for one of these types for over 2 years at a previous job, and here is how I coped:

    a. Turn off work cell phone during lunch and after normal duty hours, but at the same time answer promptly during business hours. Ignore lunch-time and after-hours phone calls on personal cell phone and don’t repsond to voice mail/text until next business day or after lunch. Hopefully, this will let them know you have a life and actually need lunch break.

    b. If you are a salary employee, request paid OT, extra leave, leave early/come in late, or other compensation if you are willing to take the extra hours. It’s much easier to come into office on Saturday if you will be getting a bigger paycheck or working half-day on Monday in return. You may get pushback, but at least they know you are willing to get job done for some reasonable consideration.

    c. Work your butt off during normal hours to prove to them that you are efficient and don’t need to stay until 7PM, unlike the guy next to you who surfs the web and watches NCAA March Madness basketball tournament 4 hrs/day.

    d. If none of these work and personal life suffers because of this boss, transfer to different branch within organization or find other work.

    That being said, a workaholic boss is usually passionate about what they do and you can learn a lot from these types of people if you set boundaries. On the other hand, I had another boss with a failing marriage who stayed late just to avoid spending time with his soon to be ex-wife-work became his mistress.


    June 16, 2014 at 3:46 pm

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