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Pro: travel the world, an auditor whom I know has been to Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Santiago (Chile) via LA & Japan, Costa Rica via New York City.

teach the next generations
respect (Blueroselady thinks that respect is not that important to her)
passion (if you like doing research)
freedom during university vacation
travel for overseas conference / collaboration (if you have $ / fundings)
must rely on funding
because you are short of funding, you need to keep on publish to get the next round of funding, hence you have to work during university vacation
must strive for tenure
there are many other approaches to disseminate knowledge and wisdom if teaching and sharing is your passion, e.g. post your lectures on youtube

In summer 2011, I went for a health check. Alas, my carelessness caused me to be X-ray-ed twice as I forgot to remove my necklace. However, the beautiful and lovely doctor made my day, I was happy to appreciate such beautiful creation of God. She also put up a large hair accessory on her shoulder length hair. Sometimes I wonder if I were her, I would be happy doing regular health check not for healing purpose, it can be less stressful but pretty mundane.
save lives (You are an angel!)
high income
very long school before you can be a doctor, another very long school before you can be a specialist; but if your training is short and superficial, can you really save lives?

risk takers
be your own boss!

I think I can be a good headhunter, I am talented in identifying others’ strength and kindness.

boring legal terms
higher level of English
A lawyer friend of mine shared that she learned how to present during her law training. presentation is a part of COMMUNICATION skills.

Love beautiful pictures
Shooting photos can be very fun
Opportunities to travel
Always scout for that MOMENT
help others to create beautiful and happy MEMORIES if you are wedding photographers
A man’s apple is another’s poison: not everyone will like your photos; you may have to adjust your shooting style to your clients’ requirement unless you are a top photographer
Honestly, I found that photo edits very time consuming (though there are ample rooms for creativity), especially if those photos that you do not particularly like but because it is your work, you have to edit

opportunities to travel
opportunities that your photos last longer than your life
hair and skin are subject to constant chemicals and cosmetics bombardments
must strike whatever pose your boss ask, must wear or wear nothing – whatever you have to wear

How to keep on smiling?
How to keep on smiling and being friendly even to those who are harsh and rude?
high income if you are hardworking and lucky with customers

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August 20, 2011 at 9:59 am

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  1. […] I am not considering a career in photography, I believe that my photographic skills are improving with time. I may also earn some pocket money […]

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