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Travel: Europe

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Writer: Matt Gross

Dec 1933, Patrick Leigh Fermor left London on a ship bound for Rotterdam, where he planned to travel 2,253 km to Istanbul – on foot.
No $, only an outgoing nature, a sense of adventure, an affinity of languages and a broad network of friends of friends.
Results: books (1) A time Of Gifts (2) Between The Woods and The Water.

28 km / day ~ 6 hrs of walking. Honestly, Blueroselady cannot do that.

Met Jean-Marc and Marie, newlywed French cyclists, on a 2-year bicycle journey from their home in Paris to Japan.

Donau-Auen National Park

After swollen ankles, there was no way Matt Gross would make the remainder of the trip unless he broke his own rules.

At a cafe in Sered, a customer drove him 3.2 km to an open pension. Why? An American had helped him find a hotel in Rio de Janeiro and now he could return the kindness.

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