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Difficult but essential things to learn

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How to talk always considering how other people may feel, instead for the sake of our ego?

How to stay motivated when many people are giving up, complaining and bitter?
What are the sources of motivation?
Does motivation have to come from others?
We can only have controls of ourselves, so motivation has to come from within ourselves.

How to forgive our enemies and render helps when they arrogantly ask help from us?

How to do good things without expecting return?
When friends ignore your new year, birthday wishes, how to happily wish them all the best again next year?

Do you always have to answer every question?
Can you answer with a question?
How to answer without hurting anyone?

The people of Wenzhou were isolated and ignored by gov, hence they had little choice buy to become self-reliant.
If you are ignored by your parents, your teachers, your mentors, your bosses, you have only a choice to be self-reliant.
How can we be self-reliant?


Written by blueroselady

August 1, 2011 at 10:52 am

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